WWW2007: Program
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Sponsored Search Auctions

Time: Tuesday, May 8 (full-day, 8:30am to 5:00pm)

Location: Champlain


  • Gagan Aggarwal (Google)
  • Kartik Hosanagar (University of Pennsylvania)
  • David Pennock (Yahoo!)
  • Michael Schwarz (Yahoo!)
  • Rakesh Vohra (Northwestern University)

Workshop Web Site: Sponsored Search Auctions

Here is the list of accepted papers for this workshop.

  • Dynamic Efficient Auctions
    Dirk Bergemann and Juuso Valimaki
  • A Simulation Framework for Evaluating Designs for Sponsored Search Markets
    Soam Acharya, Prabhakar Krishnamurthy, Ketan Deshpande, Tak Yan, and Chi-Chao Chang
  • Budget Constrained Bidding in Keyword Auctions and Online Knapsack Problems
    Deeparnab Chakrabarty, Yunhong Zhou, and Rajan Lukose
  • Sponsored Search with Contexts
    Eyal Even-Dar, Michael Kearns, and Jennifer Wortman
  • The Effect on Click-through of Combining Sponsored and Non-sponsored Search Engine Results in a Single Listing
    Bernard J. Jansen and Amanda Spink
  • Incentive-Compatible Multi-Armed Bandit Mechanism
    Rica Gonen and Elan Pavlov
  • Stochastic Models for Budget Optimization in Search-Based Advertising
    S. Muthukrishnan, Martin Pal, and Zoya Svitkina
  • Is Efficiency Expensive?
    Tim Roughgarden and Mukund Sundararajan
  • Empirical Price Modeling for Sponsored Search
    Kuzman Ganchev, Ryan Gabbard, Alex Kulesza, Qian Liu, Jinsong Tan, and Michael Kearns
  • Auctions with Revenue Guarantees for Sponsored Search
    Zoe Abrams and Arpita Ghosh
  • Dynamics of Strategic Manipulation in Ad-Word Auction
    Tian-Ming Bu, Xiaotie Deng, and Qi Qi
  • Search Advertising Based Promotion Strategies for Online Retailers
    Amit Mehra
  • Cost of Conciseness in Sponsored Search Auctions
    Zoe Abrams, Arpita Ghosh, and Erik Vee
  • Keyword Generation for Search Engine Advertising using Semantic Similarity between Terms
    Vibhanshu Abhishek