WWW2007: Program
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Health Care and Life Sciences Data Integration
for the Semantic Web

Time: Tuesday, May 8 (full-day, 8:30am to 5:00pm)

Location: Frontenac


  • Kei Cheung (Yale University)
  • Huajun Chen (Zhejiang University)
  • Yimin Wang (University of Karlsruhe)
  • Joanne Luciano (Harvard Medical School)
  • Susie Stephens (Eli Lilly)
  • Vipul Kashyap (Partners HealthCare System)

Workshop Web Site: Health Care and Life Sciences Data Integration for the Semantic Web

Here is the list of accepted papers for this workshop.

  • The State of the Nation in Data Integration
    Carole Goble
  • Dynamic Integration of Medical Ontologies in Large Scale
    Vit Novacek, Loredana Laera, and Siegfried Handschuh
  • An Experiment on Using Temporal Ontologies to Reason about Localization and Transport of Fungal Proteins
    Michel Nathan and Gregory Butler
  • A Genome – Phenome Integrated Approach for Mining Disease-Causal Genes using Semantic Web
    Ranga Chandra Gudivada, Xiaoyan Qu, Anil Jegga, Eric Neumann, and Bruce Aronow
  • Bio2RDF: Towards a Mashup to Build Bioinformatics Knowledge System
    Francois Belleau, Marc-Alexandre Nolin, Nicole Tourigny, Philippe Rigault, and Jean Morissette
  • An Overiew of the SWAN 1.0 Discourse Ontology
    Paolo Ciccarese, Elizabeth Wu, and Tim Clark
  • An Experiment in Integrating Large Biomedical Knowledge Resources with RDF: Application to Associating Genotype and Phenotype Information
    Satya Sahoo, Olivier Bodenreider, Kelly Zeng, and Amit Sheth
  • Ontology-based Data Quality Enhancement for Drug Databases
    Olivier Cure and Jean-Paul Giroud
  • Towards a Semantic Knowledge Base for Yeast Biologists
    Natalia Villanueva-Rosales, Kevin Osbahr, and Michel Dumontier
  • Epoch Clinical Trial Ontologies to Support Clinical Trials Management
    Ravi Shankar, Susana Martins, Martin O'Connor, David Parrish, and Amar Das
  • Adaptive Medical Workflow Using BPEL Process and Ontological Knowledge Base
    Amir Hedayati, Jiangbo Dang, Ken Hampel, and Candemir Toklu