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I (Ryan King) would love to have a BoF/meetup about microformats.

Ryan King and I (Brian Suda) are presenting a short event which is open to the public for Refresh Edinburgh afterwards we are going to The Tun. It's at the bottom of Holyrood Road, opposite the Scotsman office - anyone is welcome to join the Refresh Event, otherwise you can join us at the pub afterwards and we can chat Microformats.

[Note from Refresh organisier: Ryan, Brian, and others will be in The Tun (a pub on Holyrood Road; rough location) from about 9pm on Monday, 22nd May 2006, after the Refresh presentation on Microformats.]

Who else is interested?

Is there a better place to organize this?

  • I'd be interested in this (Brian Kelly, UKOLN - email b.kelly@ukoln.ac.uk). Could meet in a pub?
  • I (Matt Hurst) would be up for this.
  • I'm interested too (Nick Mattin, University of Cambridge, nm284@cam.ac.uk). I'm with Brian for venue !
  • I'm (Brian Suda) willing to present and chat about microformats as well.
  • Kevin Lawver is definitely interested. Maybe lunch one day? I'd love to chat about the ModuleT microformat and my presentation on Wednesday.
  • Elias Torres is up for it both inside or outside WWW2006.
  • Andy Edmonds is also interested, "Guiness makes everything better."
  • Harry Halpin is interested as well. Can we at least get a day,

say Wednesday evening?

  • Steve Farrell is up for this.
  • Jeremy Harmer me too. (NB wednesday night is the castle and pub crawl)


There appears to be events crowding up Wednesday already. How about we find a pub for Thursday? --RyanKing 13:51, 23 May 2006 (BST)

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