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WWW2006 Social Wiki

This wiki is provided to arrange informal meetings, social events etc. at the WWW2006 Conference in Edinburgh in May 2006.

Feel free to add new pages to the wiki as seems sensible.

  • Suggestions for next year
  • Highs and Lows
  • Things to do in Edinburgh
  • Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions - meet-ups of people interested in the same subject.
  • Day Activities
  • Evening Activities
  • mSpace version of schedule - Your feedback requested about
  • You can download a Java tool to search the Indexed Proceedings.
  • I will be There - if you are going to attend and think other people might have something interesting to talk with you about, you can leave a mini bio here.
  • Travel - Car sharing, tips etc.
  • FAQ - Ask questions - we'll try and find the answers!
  • Conference RDF - The Dynamic Programme and RDF. The conference information collected for the programme is being made available as RDF. Do something cool with the RDF and you might win a bottle of scotch!
  • In the News - links to news stories about the conference
  • Semantic Wiki Features - this site runs the Semantic MediaWiki extension. What is possible with it?
  • WWW2006 In the News
  • Photo Sets
  • Blogging the Conference
  • Endgame - what happens to the wiki after the conference?
  • Running a Conference Website
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