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I will be at WWW2006 from monday late morning to friday evening. My interests are (apart from basicaly everything!) web provision and legal issues. I am particularly interested in talking to people about how you ensure corporate content is 'correct' (i.e. in design etc) and whether or not you are happy for your users to be creating organisational website in the outside world, or if you try to ensure they are only created on your own servers. The world is changing, there are more and more facilities that users need (and that are available all over the place free or very cheap) and how best do we provide those?

E-mail webmaster AT leeds DOT ac DOT uk

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Jeremy Harmer  Interested in  web provision  +, legal issues  +, and how you ensure corporate content is 'correct'  +
Jeremy Harmer  Attends  WWW2006  +

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Email: webmaster AT leeds DOT ac DOT uk  +

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