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I am PhD Student and member of the board of Wikimedia Germany and active in Wikipedia and Wiki research. I probably won't attend WWW2006 (How do you semantically express negation?) because I refuse to pay hundreds of £, but I'm in Edinburgh the 21th, until 27th of May, 2006. (How do you semantically express chronological validity?)) because my brother hosts me.

Im very interested in the Collaborative Web Tagging workshop and EON2006 and to meet interesting people like Max Völkel, Denny Vrandecic and Philipp Keller



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Jakob Voss  Has role  PhD Student  +
Jakob Voss  Works for  Wikimedia  +
Jakob Voss  Interested in  Wikipedia  +, and Wiki  +
Jakob Voss  Attends  WWW2006  +, Collaborative Web Tagging  +, and EON2006  +
Jakob Voss  Located in  Edinburgh  +
Jakob Voss  Hotel  my brother  +

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