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  • 1 Friday 9th June
  • 2 Thursday 1st June
  • 3 Wednesday 31st May
  • 4 Tuesday 30th May
  • 5 Monday 29th May
  • 6 Friday 26th May
  • 7 Thursday 25th May
  • 8 Wednesday 24th May
  • 9 Tuesday 23rd May
  • 10 Monday 22nd May
  • 11 Sunday 21st May
  • 12 18th May
  • 13 12th May
  • 14 21st April
  • 15 19th April
  • 16 Tools

Friday 9th June

  • US intelligence to embrace Semantic Web for surveillance

Thursday 1st June

  • P2P media services raise ISP hackles

Wednesday 31st May

  • ACM Elects New Officers for 2006-2008 Term

Tuesday 30th May

  • US votes to preserve Net neutrality - PC Pro
  • Why software can't bridge the gaps

Monday 29th May

  • Leading the Web: not just for academics

Friday 26th May

  • Wide open future for the web - BBC
  • Net guru peers into web's future - BBC
  • Oracle: Market forces fail to make software secure - Builder UK
  • Leading the Web: not just for academics - Builder UK
  • Oracle exec chides software preparedness
  • Web inventor warns of 'dark' net
  • China, the Web's Broken Link
  • The next wave of the web
  • Oracle exec hits out at 'patch' mentality

Thursday 25th May

  • Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee on the net's 'intelligent' future - BBC Video report
  • Mobile web gears up for lift-off - BBC
  • The Web and grids: hand in hand to a distributed future - Builder UK
  • Improving internal search and detecting cloaking
  • The semantic web is upon us, says Berners-Lee

Wednesday 24th May

  • Smart sites to power semantic web - BBC
  • Inventor of web warns of 'dark period' if broken up - The Scotsman
  • Privacy worries over web's future - BBC
  • Semantic Web ready for mainstream use - Builder UK
  • Mash-ups, XML, and visualizing Flickr
  • Still with the semantic web thing!
  • Semantic Web will bring privacy nightmare

Tuesday 23rd May

  • Web inventor warns of 'dark' net - BBC
  • Mobile Web users promised seamless mobility Builder UK
  • W3C Work Featured at WWW2006 in Edinburgh; W3C Members and Staff to Present a Wide Range of Web Infrastructure Foundations and Interactive Web Standards
  • Next, a 'more revolutionary' Web - International Herald Tribune
  • Berners-Lee calls for Net Neutrality Builder UK
  • The End User: Lonely quest for unity - International Herald Tribune interview with Daniel Harris of Kendra Initiative
  • BT plans to squeeze knowledge from the Net

Monday 22nd May

  • Building on the future of the web - BBC
  • Poor standards for impaired web users put accessibility high on the agenda at International World Wide Web conference
  • Webmasters reveal a digital future] - Taipei Times (Taken from the Observer)

Sunday 21st May

  • All set for a revolution - Guardian
  • E-learning + Scotland = Major success - Sunday Herald

18th May

  • New BCS Women's Forum to address IT employment concerns

12th May

  • Conference calls on Government to improve its websites

21st April

  • Conference calls on Government to improve its websites

19th April

  • Workshops launched to help boost women's IT careers


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