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The WWW2006 social wiki is running on an enhanced MediaWiki version. This means, that first and foremost, it is like every MediaWiki -- so you can use all the stuff you are used from a MediaWiki like Wikipedia. If you need a help here, try the Wikipedia Help -- although it is geared towards the Wikipedia, most of the stuff you read there is also true for the WWW2006 social wiki.

But now, this is the wiki for the leading conference on the web, right? So it got a little extra: it's Semantic Web enhanced!

You can create machine understandable facts by simply adding a type to a link. Instead of writing attends [[WWW2006]], you write attends [[attends::WWW2006]], or, a bit shorter, [[:attends::WWW2006]] on your website, and suddenly the wiki knows that you will be at the WWW2006! Your website also has an RDF-export (look at the lower right corner), and on another website you can query for all the people who will be there (simply with <ask>[[attends::WWW2006]]</ask>. For an example see the page I will be There).

Note: Mediawiki caches pages, and thus queries are not always up to date! Due to Mediawiki's caching system, it sometimes takes a while to refresh queries on a page. There are two ways to make a hard refreh: either, change something on the page (but this should not be the preferred way, because then the history of the page gets filled with nonsense changes), or simply construct an URI like this (the easiest way to construct this URI is to click on the edit button for example, and then, in the URI change "edit" at the end to "purge").

If you want to know more about the semantic enhancements in this wiki -- how to annotate, how to use it -- take a look at semantics Help.

And if you don't care about Semantics -- just use it as a normal wiki. Have fun!

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