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Friday 12:45 - 14:00, Carrick room

DBin is an open source rich client that enables end user communities to annotate topics of common interest.

We call this model Semantic Web Communities.

On the web "experts" create HTML pages or web apps, while users use them to get or post content.

In the Semantic Web community model, "experts" create BRAINLETS (written in XML) which create the environment for the end user to browse, search, post, and annotate information.

Now that DBin provides UI modules for GeoTagging, Brainlets are poised to take off. In addition, Brainlets can cover a very broad range of use cases and comunities. To mention a few: Cooperative document/project management, music and media, law enforcement, law making support, wildlife protection, territory management etc.

In this informal meeting/tutorial, we will introduce the topic of crating Brainlets. We will be happy to respond to specific questions expecially about the applicability of such tools expecially to your scenario of interest.

Pizza and Italian Wine will be offered :-)

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