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I work for the ECS at Southampton University in Southampton, UK. I'm the lead developer on the EPrints project which provides software to enable Open Access to research materials and am also I am Web Projects Manager at ECS

I'm also interested in wikis, accessability and usability. (I'm already on everybodies spam list)

I like beer and whiskey and will be hunting some out in the evenings.

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Christopher Gutteridge  Works for  ECS  +, and Southampton University  +
Christopher Gutteridge  Located in  Southampton  +, and UK  +
Christopher Gutteridge  Interested in  EPrints  +, Open Access  +, wiki  +, accessability  +, and usability  +
Christopher Gutteridge  Has role  Web Projects Manager at ECS  +
Christopher Gutteridge  Drinks  beer  +, and whiskey  +
Christopher Gutteridge  Attends  WWW2006  +

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Email:  +

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