WebNet '99
Oct. 24-30, 1999

WebNet 99 was the first conference AACE organized in Hawaii. Our participants were primarily from universities and represented approximately 50 countries. We had concerns that perhaps our attendees from universities would not be able to obtain funding.

On the contrary, attendance increased by 25% from 1998 to 1999 and set a record compared to previous years. We heard of few instances where funding could not be provided due to the conference location. So in our case, offering Hawaii as a location definitely had a positive rather than negative effect on participation. And in 2000, attendance dropped back down to its normal level or a bit higher.

Our organization is planning for and looking forward to coming back to Hawaii. We will our ED-MEDIA conference in June 2003 in Hawaii.

Thanks again to the University of Hawaii for their support!

Gary H. Marks, Ph.D.; Executive Director & Founder
AACE--Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education