Techs in Paradise Meetings
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2001

The recent NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop was hosted by the University of Hawaii in January 2001. It was the second largest of the technical workshops for academic high performance networking community (and was only 3 shy of being the largest ever.) The 305 attendees were made up of a large number of academic network engineers & researchers from both North America and the Asia Pacific region; a smaller number of engineers from corporations and government, primarily those associated with high performance and R&E networking, also attended.

Internet2 & NLANR joined with APAN & TransPAC to sponsor this workshop. As a result of the resulting breadth of attendees, we found that a number of related meetings coalesced around the technical workshop These greatly increased the total value for those attending and and the entire week of meetings became known as TIP2001 - Techs in Paradise 2001.

In all honesty, there were some who wondered before hand how much work would get done. And a good number of those attending did include a vacation before or after. But this in no way detracted from the meeting. As we concluded the workshop, there was near universal agreement of just how much work did get done both in the workshop and in the side meetings. Internet2's Chief Engineer, UCAID's CEO (UCAID is the corporate parent of Interent2), and APAN's Secretary all have said since that we should organize this again in 2 or 3 years. This was echoed by engineers who attended. We are all looking forward to "TIP2003."

E. Paul Love
Co-chair, NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshops