WWW9 Conference Program: Thursday, May 18

Thursday, May 18

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  • HTTP "Next Generation''
    - Mike Spreitzer, Bill Janssen
  • Customized Internet Radio
    - Venky Krishnan, S. Grace Chang
  • Running the Web Backwards: Appliance Data Services
    - Andrew C. Huang, Benjamin C. Ling, John J. Barton, Armando Fox


  • Latency-Sensitive Hashing for Collaborative Web Caching
    - Kun-Lung Wu, Philip S. Yu
  • Proactive Web Caching with Cumulative Prefetching for Large Multimedia Data
    - Jaeyeon Jung, Dongman Lee, Kilnam Chon
  • Protocol Considerations for a Prefix-Caching Proxy for Multimedia Streams
    - Stephane Gruber, Jennifer Rexford, Andrea Basso

Data Mining:

  • Archiving and mining community Web browsing experience using Memex
    - Soumen Chakrabarti, Sandeep K. Srivastava, Mallela Subramanyam, Mitul Tiwari
  • Web-Collaborative Filtering: Recommending Music By Spidering the Web
    - William W. Cohen, Wei Fan
  • Mining the Web for Relations
    - Neel Sundaresan, Jeonghee Yi


XML Session-2:

  • Presenting tailored resource descriptions: Will XSLT do the job?
    - Alison Cawsey
  • SilkRoute: Trading between Relations and XML
    - Mary Fernandez, Dan Suciu, Wang-Chiew Tan
  • Millau: an encoding format for efficient representation and exchange of XML over the WWW
    - Marc Girardot, Neel Sundaresan


  • An Entropy Approach to Unintrusive Targeted Advertising on the Web
    - John A. Tomlin
  • A Web marketing sysstem with automatic pricing
    - Naoki Abe, Tomonari Kamba
  • MicroISPs: Providing Convenient and Low-Cost High-Bandwidth Internet Access
    - Jose' Brustoloni, Juan Garay

Content and Control:

  • Object browsing using the Internet Imaging Protocol
    - K. Martinez, Steve Perry, John Cupitt
  • Discovering the Gap Between Web Site Designers' Expectations and Users' Behavior
    - Takehiro Nakayama, Hiroki Kato, Yohei Yamane
  • What is this Page Known for? Computing Web Page Reputations
    - Davood Rafiei, Alberto Mendelzon


Updated: February 16, 2000