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The Internationalization Track will provide a concentrated collection of presentations on core multilingual topics. Submissions are invited according to the details below. The Internationalization Thread will link tutorials, papers, panels, posters, and other conference events related to internationalization. For submissions to other conference events, please see the respective pages.

Internationalization will be a hot topic in Hong Kong in spring 2001. The 18th International Unicode Conference will take place just a week before WWW10.

  • Extended abstract due:
- Closed
  • Author notification:
- January 19, 2001
  • Final paper due:
- February 19, 2001

Web Internationalization Track topics include but are not limited to:

  • Web Internationalization techniques and tools
  • Multilingual Web site design and management
  • Parallel multilingual documents
  • Translations on and for the Web
  • Multilingual search and retrieval
  • Multilingual identifiers and names
  • Internationalization of non-PC devices
  • Language-, script-, or culture-specific issues
  • Interactions between language, culture, and society on the Web
  • Multilingual Web sites: experience reports
Contributions from the Asia-Pacific Region are particularly welcome.


For presentations in the Internationalization Track, please send extended abstracts to Martin J. Dürst by December 22nd, 2000. An extended abstract should include title, authors, goal and outline of the presentation and the main results, and should be between one and two printed pages in length. Where appropriate, URIs to further information should be included.

Presentations will be selected by the track chair, with the help of experts. Final papers will be due by February 19th, 2001 in the same format as the papers in the paper track (HTML or PDF), but shorter. Presentations will typically last between 30 and 45 minutes (including questions).

Proposals for other contributions to the conference (tutorials, papers, panels, posters) should be made according to the respective call for proposals. Please note the earlier deadlines!

A note on accessibility issues:

  • Whenever appropriate, authors are encouraged to comment on accessibility as it relates to their poster.
  • Are the technologies, standards or practices you are discussing accessible to individuals who use alternative display or control systems (e.g., people who have disabilities)?
  • For more information please see http://www.w3.org/WAI/
Last Updated: November 10, 2000