Implementing Streaming Media Standards with RealSystem

Rob Lanphier
Program Manager - Open Standards


Streaming media standards
XML-based markup language geared toward long-form multimedia
Control-protocol for multimedia streaming
Packet format for Internet audio/video (streaming and conferencing)
MP3, GIF, JPEG, PNG, H.261, H.263, MPEG-4
Working with streaming media standards in RealSystem

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language SMIL

SMIL 1.0 Became W3C Recommendation June, 1998
Major revision of SMIL (2.0, a.k.a. SMIL Boston) due out June, 2001
SMIL 2.0 is organized as a set of Modules (Layout, Timing, Linking, Animation, etc)
Modules can be combined in various ways to create multimedia enabled languages
A modular approach enables creation of multimedia-rich XML languages that meet specific application needs

SMIL Modules and Profiles

SMIL Module Sets
Time Manipulations
Content Control
Media Object
SMIL Conformance Levels
Integration Set Conformance
Host Language Conformance
Profiles Based on SMIL Modules
SMIL Basic
SMIL Language

Standards Support in RealSystem

Interoperation with other systems
Build tools that work with RealSystem applications
Data Types
Standard audio compression formats used in VoIP systems
Interactive Voice Response, music on hold, voice mail
Dynamic content creation
Presentation analysis tools
Authoring tool support

RTSP Use in RealSystem

RTSP issued as IETF Proposed Standard (phase 1 of 3) in April 1998
First supported in RealSystem G2 in May 1998
Support has improved with every subsequent release
Largely uses RTSP/RDT (proprietary transport on proprietary datatypes)
RTSP/RTP used with standard datatypes (H.261, MP3, G.711 for now)
Any developer can easily add support for new standard datatypes

RealSystem 8
The Best and Broadest Media Support

What Does The RealSystem Implement?

Handles network issues
Handles reliable and semi-reliable transmission of data
Implements multiple delivery protocols: RTSP, HTTP, etc.
Handles proxies, firewalls, etc.
Is a powerful multimedia engine
Lightweight, Flexible, Cross-platform
Optimized for integrating several data types on a single timeline

RealSystem SDK

Documentation and header files
Integrates with shipping product binaries
RealServer 8 / RealPlayer 8
Plug-ins can be developed for all based products
Server, RealPlayer, RealJukebox
Main SDK Components
Server core
Client core
Remote broadcast libraries

SDK Components
Server Client Broadcast

SDK Components
Server Client Broadcast

SDK Components
Server Client Broadcast

More Information
Resource for application programmers
Get the SDK from devzone - choose downloads and tools
Technical Support on SDK
Phone support for RealPartner programmer members
Online support via
Info on RTSP
RTSP Proxy Kit
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