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The technical programme committee was divided into 11+2 research areas (see below), each with at least two chairs and its own panel of reviewers. The following lists give the individual track topics of the program committee together with the accepted papers that were submitted to those tracks. This relationship (accepted papers <–> PC tracks) is normally lost by the thematic scheduling of papers to time slots on the conference programme.


  • E* Applications: E-Communities, E-Learning, E-Commerce, E-Science, E-Government, and E-Humanities
  • Browsers and User Interfaces
  • Data Mining
  • Hypermedia and Multimedia
  • Performance, Reliability and Scalability
  • Pervasive Web and Mobility
  • Search
  • Security, Privacy, and Ethics
  • Semantic Web
  • Web Engineering
  • XML and Web Services


  • Industrial Practice and Experience
  • Technology for Developing Regions

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