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This year we had a record number of submissions (667) to the refereed technical paper tracks. We accepted 75 papers, which translates into an acceptance rate of just 11%, and makes this conference the most competitive yet. On top of this, nine further papers were accepted from the Alternate Tracks

The technical programme committee was divided into 11 research areas (plus two alternate areas), each with at least two chairs and its own panel of reviewers. All papers were reviewed rigorously by the programme committee. Every paper was reviewed by at least three reviewers. Candidate accepts, borderline, and controversial papers were subject to lengthy discussion and meta-reviewing. Finally, a two-day meeting, attended by all track chairs, discussed the nominations and finalised the programme choices.


The following lists of papers, divide into scheduled conference slots, are linked on their titles to an abstract page Nominations for Best Paper and Best Stuent paper awards are highlighted in the list.

Ontologies Adaptivity & Mobility Search Spam XML Developing Regions & Peer-to-Peer Browsers E-Communities Semantic Tagging Web Mining Developing Regions 2
Industrial Practice & Experience Correctness & Security Search Engineering E-Learning & Scientific Applications High Availability Search Social Networks Validation New Search Paradigms
Ontology Construction Security, Privacy & Ethics Data Mining Semi-structured semantic data Performance, Reliability & Scalability Data Mining Classification E-Commerce & E-Government Semantic Services Improved Ranking

Session Papers01 - Ontologies

Wednesday Morning (Slot 2)

Position Paper: A Comparison of Two Modelling Paradigms in the Semantic Web
Peter F. Patel-Schneider
Ian Horrocks
Web Ontology Segmentation: Analysis, Classification and Use
Julian Seidenberg
Alan Rector
Constructing Virtual Documents for Ontology Matching
Yuzhong Qu
Wei Hu
Gong Cheng

Session Papers02 - Adaptivity & Mobility

Wednesday Morning (Slot 2)

Browsing on Small Screens: Recasting Web-Page Segmentation into an Efficient Machine Learning Framework
Shumeet Baluja
Image Classification for Mobile Web Browsing
Takuya Maekawa
Takahiro Hara
Shojiro Nishio
Fine Grained Content-based Adaptation Mechanism for Providing High End-User Quality of Experience with Adaptive Hypermedia Systems
Cristina Hava Muntean
Jennifer McManis

Session Papers03 - Search Spam

Wednesday Morning (Slot 2)

Topical TrustRank: Using Topicality to Combat Web Spam
Baoning Wu
Vinay Goel
Brian D. Davison
Site Level Noise Removal for Search Engines
André Luiz da Costa Carvalho
Paul - Alexandru Chirita
Edleno Silva de Moura
Pável Calado
Wolfgang Nejdl
Detecting Spam Web Pages through Content Analysis
Alexandros Ntoulas
Marc Najork
Mark Manasse
Dennis Fetterly

Session Papers04 - XML

Wednesday Afternoon (Slot 1)

XML Screamer: An Integrated Approach to High Performance XML Parsing, Validation and Deserialization
Margaret G. Kostoulas
Morris Matsa
Noah Mendelsohn
Eric Perkins
Abraham Heifets
Martha Mercaldi
Nominated for Best Paper Award
Symmetrically Exploiting XML
Shuohao Zhang
Curtis Dyreson
Nominated for Best Student Paper Award
Compressing and Searching XML Data Via Two Zips
P. Ferragina
F. Luccio
G. Manzini
S. Muthukrishnan

Session Papers05 - Developing Regions & Peer-to-Peer

Wednesday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Nilesh Mishra
Kameswari Chebrolu
Bhaskaran Raman
Abhinav Pathak
Analysis of WWW Traffic in Cambodia and Ghana
Bowei Du
Michael Demmer
Eric Brewer
FeedEx: Collaborative Exchange of News Feeds
Seung Jun
Mustaque Ahamad
Nominated for Best Student Paper Award

Session Papers06 - Browsers

Wednesday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Examining the Content and Privacy of Web Browsing Incidental Information
Kirstie Hawkey
Kori M. Inkpen
Off the Beaten Tracks: Exploring Three Aspects of Web Navigation
Harald Weinreich
Hartmut Obendorf
Eelco Herder
Matthias Mayer
Winner of Best Student Paper Award
pTHINC: A ThinClient Architecture for Mobile Wireless Web
Joeng Kim
Ricardo A. Baratto
Jason Nieh

Session Papers07 - E-Communities

Wednesday Afternoon (Slot 2)

Bringing Communities to the Semantic Web and the Semantic Web to Communities
K. Faith Lawrence
mc schraefel
Invisible Participants: How Cultural Capital Relates to Lurking Behavior
Vladimir Soroka
Sheizaf Rafaeli
Probabilistic Models for Discovering E-Communities
Ding Zhou
Eren Manavoglu
Jia Li
C. Lee Giles
Hongyuan Zha

Session Papers08 - Semantic Tagging

Wednesday Afternoon (Slot 2)

The Web Beyond Popularity - A Really Simple System for Web Scale RSS
Daniel Gruhl
Daniel Meredith
Jan H. Pieper
Visualizing Tags over Time
Micah Dubinko
Ravi Kumar
Joseph Magnani
Jasmine Novak
Prabhakar Raghavan
Andrew Tomkins
Nominated for Best Paper Award
Knowing the User's Every Move - User Activity Tracking for Website Usability Evaluation and Implicit Interaction
Richard Atterer
Monika Wnuk
Albrecht Schmidt

Session Papers09 - Web Mining

Wednesday Afternoon (Slot 2)

Finding Advertising Keywords on Web Pages
Wen-tau Yih
Joshua Goodman
Vitor R. Carvalho
Communities from Seed Sets
Reid Andersen
Kevin J. Lang
What's Really New on the Web? Identifying New Pages from a Series of Unstable Web Snapshots
Masashi Toyoda
Masaru Kitsuregawa

Session Papers10 - Developing Regions 2

Wednesday Afternoon (Slot 2)

The case for multi-user design for computer aided learning in developing regions
Joyojeet Pal
Udai Singh Pawar
Eric Brewer
Kentaro Toyama
Designing an Architecture for Delivering Mobile Information Services to the Rural Developing World
Tapan S. Parikh
Edward D. Lazowska
WebKhoj: Indian language IR from Multiple Character Encodings
Prasad Pingali
Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi
Vasudeva Varma

Session Papers11 - Industrial Practice & Experience

Thursday Morning (Slot 2)

Using Annotations in Enterprise Search
Pavel A. Dmitriev
Nadav Eiron
Marcus Fontoura
Eugene Shekita
Detecting Semantic Cloaking on the Web
Baoning Wu
Brian D. Davison
Detecting Online Commercial Intention (OCI)
Honghua Dai
Lingzhi Zhao
Zaiqing Nie
Ji-Rong Wen
Lee Wang
Ying Li

Session Papers12 - Correctness & Security

Thursday Morning (Slot 2)

SecuBat: A Web Vulnerability Scanner
Stefan Kals
Engin Kirda
Christopher Kruegel
Nenad Jovanovic
Access Control Enforcement for Conversation-based Web Services
Massimo Mecella
Mourad Ouzzani
Federica Paci
Elisa Bertino
Analysis of Communication Models in Web Service Compositions
Raman Kazhamiakin
Marco Pistore
Luca Santuari

Session Papers13 - Search Engineering

Thursday Morning (Slot 2)

Toward Tighter Integration of Web Search with a Geographic Information System
Taro Tezuka
Takeshi Kurashima
Katsumi Tanaka
Geographically Focused Collaborative Crawling
Weizheng Gao
Hyun Chul Lee
Yingbo Miao
To Randomize or Not To Randomize: Space Optimal Summaries for Hyperlink Analysis
Tamás Sarlsó
András A. Benczúr
Károly Csalogány
Dániel Fogaras
Balázs Rácz

Session Papers14 - E-Learning & Scientific Applications

Thursday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Addressing the Testing Challenge with a Web-Based E-Assessment System that Tutors as it Assesses
Mingyu Feng
Neil T. Heffernan
Kenneth R. Koedinger
Nominated for Best Student Paper Award
Knowledge Modeling and its Application in Life Sciences: A Tale of two Ontologies
Satya S. Sahoo
Christopher Thomas
Amit Sheth
William S. York
Samir Tartir
Reappraising Cognitive Styles in Adaptive Web Applications
Elizabeth Brown
Tim Brailsford
Tony Fisher
Adam Moore
Helen Ashman

Session Papers15 - High Availability

Thursday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Cat and Mouse: Content Delivery Tradeoffs in Web Access
Balachander Krishnamurthy
Craig E. Wills
WAP5: Blackbox Performance Debugging for WideArea Systems
Patrick Reynolds
Janet L. Wiener
Jeffrey C. Mogul
Marcos K. Aguilera
Amin Vahdat
WS-Replication: A Framework for Highly Available Web Services
Jorge Salas
Francisco Pérez-Sorrosal
Marta Patiño-Martínez
Ricardo Jiménez-Peris

Session Papers16 - Search

Thursday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Random Sampling from a Search Engine's Index
Ziv Bar-Yossef
Maxim Gurevich
Winner of Best Paper Award
A Web-based Kernel Function for Measuring the Similarity of Short Text Snippets
Mehran Sahami
Timothy D. Heilman
Generating Query Substitutions
Rosie Jones
Benjamin Rey
Omid Madani
Wiley Greiner

Session Papers17 - Social Networks

Thursday Afternoon (Slot 2)

POLYPHONET: An Advanced Social Network Extraction System from the Web
Yutaka Matsuo
Junichiro Mori
Masahiro Hamasaki
Semantic Analytics on Social Networks: Experiences in Addressing the Problem of Conflict of Interest Detection
Boanerges Aleman-Meza
Meenakshi Nagarajan
Cartic Ramakrishnan
Li Ding
Pranam Kolari
Amit Sheth
I. Budak Arpinar
Anupam Joshi
Tim Finin
Nominated for Best Paper Award
Exploring Social Annotations for the Semantic Web
Xian Wu
Lei Zhang
Yong Yu

Session Papers18 - Validation

Thursday Afternoon (Slot 2)

Relaxed-on the Way Towards True Validation of Compound Documents
Jirka Kosek
Petr Nálevka
Modelbased Version and Configuration Management for a Web Engineering Lifecycle
Tien N. Nguyen
Modeldirected Web Transactions under Constrained Modalities
Zan Sun
Jalal Mahmud
Saikat Mukherjee
I.V. Ramakrishnan
Nominated for Best Paper Award

Session Papers19 - New Search Paradigms

Thursday Afternoon (Slot 2)

Retroactive Answering of Search Queries
Beverly Yang
Glen Jeh
CWS: A Comparative Web Search System
Jian-Tao Sun
Xuanhui Wang
Dou Shen
Hua-Jun Zeng
Zheng Chen
Searching with Context
Reiner Kraft
Chi Chao Chang
Farzin Maghoul
Ravi Kumar

Session Papers20 - Ontology Construction

Friday Morning (Slot 2)

Position Paper: Ontology Construction from Online Ontologies
Harith Alani
Position Paper: Towards the notion of gloss, and the adoption of linguistic resources in formal ontology engineering
Mustafa Jarrar
Bootstrapping Semantics on the Web: Meaning Elicitation from Schemas
Paolo Bouquet
Luciano Serafini
Stefano Zanobini

Session Papers21 - Security, Privacy & Ethics

Friday Morning (Slot 2)

Designing Ethical Phishing Experiments: A study of (ROT13) rOnl query features
Markus Jakobsson
Jacob Ratkiewicz
Invasive Browser Sniffing and Countermeasures
Markus Jakobsson
Sid Stamm
Protecting Browser State from Web Privacy Attacks
Collin Jackson
Andrew Bortz
Dan Boneh
John C Mitchell

Session Papers22 - Data Mining

Friday Morning (Slot 2)

A Probabilistic Approach to Spatiotemporal Theme Pattern Mining on Weblogs
Qiaozhu Mei
Chao Liu
Hang Su
ChengXiang Zhai
Time-Dependent Semantic Similarity Measure of Queries Using Historical Click-Through Data
Qiankun Zhao
Steven C. H. Hoi
Tie-Yan Liu
Sourav S Bhowmick
Michael R. Lyu
Wei-Ying Ma
Interactive Wrapper Generation with Minimal User Effort
Utku Irmak
Torsten Suel

Session Papers23 - Semi-structured semantic data

Friday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Towards Content Trust of Web Resources
Yolanda Gil
Donovan Artz
Supporting Online ProblemSolving Communities with the Semantic Web
Anupriya Ankolekar
Katia Sycara
James Herbsleb
Robert Kraut
Chris Welty
Semantic Wikipedia
Max Völkel
Markus Krötzsch
Denny Vrandecic
Heiko Haller
Rudi Studer

Session Papers24 - Performance, Reliability & Scalability

Friday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Dynamic Placement for Clustered Web Applications
A. Karve
T. Kimbrel
G. Pacifici
M. Spreitzer
M. Steinder
M. Sviridenko
A. Tantawi
Selective Early Request Termination for Busy Internet Services
Jingyu Zhou
Tao Yang
SCTP: An innovative transport layer protocol for the web
Preethi Natarajan
Janardhan R. Iyengar
Paul. D. Amer
Randall Stewart

Session Papers25 - Data Mining Classification

Friday Afternoon (Slot 1)

Improved Annotation of the Blogosphere via Autotagging and Hierarchical Clustering
Christopher H. Brooks
Nancy Montanez
Large-Scale Text Categorization by Batch Mode Active Learning
Steven C. H. Hoi
Rong Jin
Michael R. Lyu
A Comparison of Implicit and Explicit Links for Web Page Classification
Dou Shen
Jian-Tao Sun
Qiang Yang
Zheng Chen

Session Papers26 - E-Commerce & E-Government

Friday Afternoon (Slot 2)

An e-Market Framework for Informed Trading
John Debenham
Simeon Simoff
The Impact of Online Music Services on the Demand for Stars in the Music Industry
Ian Pascal Volz
The Web Structure of E-Government - Developing a Methodology for Quantitative Evaluation
Vaclav Petricek
Tobias Escher
Ingemar J. Cox
Helen Margetts

Session Papers27 - Semantic Services

Friday Afternoon (Slot 2)

One Document to Bind Them: Combining XML, Web Services, and the Semantic Web
Harry Halpin
Henry S. Thompson
ASDL: A Wide Spectrum Language For Designing Web Services
Monika Solanki
Antonio Cau
Hussein Zedan
Semantic WS-Agreement Partner Selection
Nicole Oldham
Kunal Verma
Amit Sheth
Farshad Hakimpour
Nominated for Best Student Paper Award

Session Papers28 - Improved Ranking

Friday Afternoon (Slot 2)

Beyond PageRank: Machine Learning for Static Ranking
Matthew Richardson
Amit Prakash
Eric Brill
Optimizing Scoring Functions and Indexes for Proximity Search in Typeannotated Corpora
Soumen Chakrabarti
Kriti Puniyani
Sujatha Das
Automatic Identification of User Interest For Personalized Search
Feng Qiu
Junghoo Cho

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