Logos Instructions

Instructions for Running Logo Animation in Tokyo

There are four variations in the zip file:

The corresponding sound track for each are the files:

Ancillary files needed in the same directory are:

The small logo images around the side and the other images used by the animation are now embedded in the SVG. This gives more reliable loading than previously.

Opening Session

The time taken is just over 9 minutes so if you want it to finish at the start time of the Opening Session then that is how much you need to leave.

The animation can be run with either ASV6 or ASV3. There is a small bug in ASV6 in the area of gradients that causes an odd effect as the WWW2 globe moves but it is not too noticeable. Otherwise either plugin works OK.

The SVG takes quite a while to load and fill up the caches so you need to load it up in advance of starting it. There is a pink button at bottom right which starts the animation off.

To avoid IE information etc at the top, it is best run in Kiosk mode but full screen is not too bad.

Holding it for too long on the pink button sometimes causes an odd start on the sound track and animation which is another Adobe bug.

You can restart it with the pink button in the first few seconds if you make a false start.

The prefered sequence is:

That is our most reliable start sequence but it may well be machine dependent so practice in advance and have a run through before the Opening Session.

The audience is usually making a lot of noise at the start so the sound track has to be at a reasonable volume and probably needs to be wound up as the auditorium fills up as they tend to deaden the sound. the aim is to have the audience quiet by the time the animation is no more than half way through.

Closing Session

The time taken is about 9 minutes and 15 seconds so if you want it to finish at the start time of the Closing Session then that is how much you need to leave.

The instructions are much the same.

Perhaps (after you have seen the Edinburgh introduction) it might be appropriate for the Chairman of the Session to say: As you can see, the plans for the Edinburgh Conference are falling into place ;-)

About the Tokyo Animation

The animation should look like:

  • After titles, cherry blossom image fades in
  • Black kanji characters representing cherry blossom are drawn in the correct stroke order
  • Cherry blossom image as a whole fades out leaving a single cherry blossom
  • Kanji stroke morphs into the red collar of the kimono and cherry blossom moves to its position on the kimono fading to the stylised representation
  • Three Ws appear in a circle and flatten out and then back to the circle just to show off what they represent
  • Circle rolls down kimono, hits wall, deforms and straightens out to arrive in the centre of the cherry blossom
  • Kanji strokes morph into geisha face and then morph to final logo

We tried to get some idea of the meaning of the logo from the local organisers but without a great deal of success. The three WWWs definitely represent a cherry blossom thus the opening part of the animation. We believe it is a stylised image of a geisha's face thus the animation.

The kanji text we believe says cherry blossom. We have attempted to draw the strokes as though by a brush. So there is a set of lines being drawn down the length of each stroke with the ink filling in the surrounding area and then the final black image as the paint dries. All done with an XSLT transformation on the outline points of the kanji stroke.

The morph into and out of the geisha face was to try and indicate the basis for the logo. The face is that of a prominent geisha. The decoration in the hair is a morphing from the text Japan.

For the closing session we have just done a simple transformation of the paths of the logo. Each path starts with a random displacement and arrives back at its original position in a random time with a random path and a random rotation. It is not intended to be the basis for the animation in Edinburgh but just looked a bit better than fading it in.

The cherry blossom image was purchased from www.reggie.net so rights to use the image have been obtained.