WWW9 Keynote Speakers: Jordan Talk

"The Spirit of the WWW in the Corporate Intranet"

9th International World Wide Web Conference

M. Graeber Jordan
Chief Executive Officer
GJordan.com LLC

Much attention in the past year has been devoted to retail sales over the World Wide Web-where businesses are learning how to sell products and services directly to consumers. Meanwhile, inside the corporate firewall, most of the IT budgets have been consumed fixing old mainframe systems so that they can limp past the end of the millennium.

Beginning in the year 2000, most corporations and government agencies will increasingly adopt the technology of the World Wide Web. Pent-up demand for new systems will be expressed in new web sites. Most of these organizations will naturally use the same management methods that were used on past computing projects. These projects will be, more or less, successful. Pretty much business as usual.

But what if these large organizations could adopt the spirit of the World Wide Web in addition to its technology? What if all members of the organization could be enabled so that they could improve their own work every day in every way? What if this could be accomplished without additional funds? What if no one was "in charge of" the internal web? How could such a structure function? Or, even be allowed?

A few large organizations have wrestled with these questions and found that the top-down project management discipline so necessary for projects will not scale up to the enterprise level for deployment of a business tool like the web. Models and examples from outside the firewall have been imported to inform the organization how to create the climate for web-based process improvement. Lessons from the World Wide Web community on shared responsibility provide sharp insight on how to run a loose network federation. Certainly not business as usual.

In his talk, "The Spirit of the WWW in the Corporate Intranet," Mr. Jordan will draw on his experience with The Boeing Company as Web Program Manager, and as consultant to other large organizations, to demonstrate how the web spirit can impact the bottom line by making internal processes better, faster, and cheaper. He will describe a structure and methodology that allows maximum individual freedom but still focuses the creativity toward the objectives of the business-the balance between chaos and control.