IETF Secretariat

IETF Secretariat

The Secretariat is hosted by the NeuStar Secretariat Services. It can be reached at:

IETF Secretariat
c/o NeuStar, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
46000 Center Oak Plaza
Sterling, VA 20166
Phone: +1-571-434-3500
Fax: +1-571-434-3535

IETF Secretariat Points of Contact

Below is a list of active e-mail addresses/URLs for use in contacting the IETF Secretariat. Please use these addresses/URLs for the indicated purposes only. Please do not copy the e-mail addresses in correspondence unless your message includes a request for Secretariat support. To contact the IETF Executive Director, please send a message to

For general information about the IETF:
For administrative support (e.g., request publication of an I-D as an RFC, update milestones, ask questions about procedures, etc.):
To submit Internet-Drafts:
To submit liaison statements:
To submit IPR disclosures:
To coordinate IETF meetings with other meetings:
To request meeting sessions at IETF meetings:
To request BOF sessions at IETF Meetings or inquire about your WG/RG session request:
For information on or assistance with registering for IETF meetings:
To submit agendas, minutes, and presentation slides for IETF meeting sessions:
To report technical problems (e.g., problems related to servers, mailing lists, archives, Web tools, etc.):
To report problems with the IETF Web site:

The following addresses, which are equivalent to addresses in the list above, will be retained for the foreseeable future because they are mentioned in RFCs or other documentation that cannot be changed at this time: (equivalent to (equivalent to (equivalent to

For information on the status of IETF Secretariat systems and services, please visit the "IETF System Status Page."

IETF Secretariat - Please send problem reports to