WWW2006 - Building semantic-based applications using Oracle
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Building semantic-based applications using Oracle

  • Omar Alonso, Oracle, USA

Track: Developers

A key to any semantic web application is the ability to automatically generate metadata. We describe a prototype that demonstrated how could you take advantage of semantic web and related technologies with an existing Oracle database, using a framework called Information Grid. For demonstration purposes we have used the DBLP digital library collection that provides a copy of the data set in RDF as well as a simple ontology in OWL. The goal of the prototype is to provide different ways of accessing information on a large collection like DBLP with the ability to inference a co-authors and related people social network when a new data source is added. GIO's architecture consists on several back end processes that capture data, extract metadata, and creates indexes; along with other computations that manipulates the RDF data set. The other aspect of GIO is a front end that provides search, browsing, clustering, and visualization features including a dynamic user interface. We'll discuss each of the main features using code samples. GIO was written in Java and leverages Oracle10/g/R2 features like the search API, XDB Repository, and RDF Data Model. At time of development the size of the DBLP set was over 600,000 entries. The demo can run on a stand alone PC with Oracle.

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