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Conference Programme

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The conference has had a record number of submitted proposals for workshops, tutorials, research papers and invited speakers from academics and industrialists throughout the world. The conference organisers have assembled a rich and exciting programme that covers all the important topics for anyone with an interest in the World Wide Web, whether they are the CEO of a major corporation or a student studying for their PhD.

The conference programme has been specifically designed to allow people to attend the full programme or to select specific theme days of interest. Each day covers an important issue such as successful web businesses, the media, science, education, security, health, and society. Please look at the individual theme days listed on the left for details.

Lists of workshops, tutorials and invited speakers are available. Below are various views of the expected structure of the conference programme as a whole, more details will be added in the coming weeks including a programme of sessions for web developers, the exhibition area, a poster track and panels. Details of the selected research papers will be made available. The selection process is complete and we are in the process of allocating papers to session slots.

Exact scheduling is subject to change.

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Monday 22nd May

TintoHarris (a)Harris (b)Ochil (a)Ochil (b+c)Carrick (a)Carrick (b)Carrick (c)NESCNESC Committee
9:00-10:30JISC Repositories and Information Environment (details)
Continued after lunch.
3rd W4A International Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Web Accessibility (details)
Continued after lunch.
The 3rd IIWeb Interdisciplinary Workshop for Information Integration on the Web (details)
Continued after lunch.
Models of Trust for the Web (MTW) (details)
Continued after lunch.
Collaborative Web Tagging (details)
Continued after lunch.
2nd Workshop on Innovations in Web Infrastructure (IWI2) (details)
Continued after lunch.
Semantic Web Annotations for Multimedia (SWAMM) (details)
Continued after lunch.
Evaluating Ontologies for the Web (EON2006) (details)
Continued after lunch.
BCSWomen and Women@CL Career Development Workshop 2006 (details)
Continued after lunch.
Reasoning on the Web (RoW06) (details)
Continued after lunch.
Track:Satellite MeetingsWorkshopsSatellite MeetingsWorkshops

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Tuesday 23rd May

9:00-10:30Opening Ceremony. Plenary Session, The New Economy
Introduction by: Tim Berners-Lee (W3C), Allan Ellis (IW3C2), Wendy Hall (University of Southampton), the WWW2006 Conference Chairs.
Followed by a welcome speech by: Jack McConnell (Scottish Executive)
Followed by the Plenary Keynote Speaker: David Brown (Motorola)
PentlandSidlawFintryTintoMoorfootHarris (a)Harris (b)Ochil (a)Ochil (b+c)Carrick (a)Carrick (b)Carrick (c)NESCElsewhere
11:00-12:30Successful web based business - Web Sites
Mike Harris (Egg)
Jeff Barr (Amazon)
Impact of the Web on Advertising
Shawn Burns (Wunderman)
Dominique Vidal (Yahoo)
Sohrab Kakalia (Infosys)
Andy Mulholland (CapGemini)
Current Best Practices in Web Development and Design
World Organization of Webmasters Professional Development Activity joint with Developer track (Current Best Practices in Web Development and Design
World Organization of Webmasters Professional Development Activity joint with Developer track">details)
Continued after lunch.
Semantic Technology - A European Perspective
Framework VII Funding
Mr Horst Forster (European Commission)
Prof Wolfgang Wahlster (DFKI)
Prof Dieter Fensel (DERI)
Prof Fausto Giunchiglia (University of Trento)
Prof Frank Van Harmelen (Free University of Amsterdam)
IntraWebs 2006 (details)
Continued after lunch.
Logging Traces of Web Activity: The Mechanics of Data Collection (details)
Continued after lunch.
Open Source Software - A Collaboration Platform for Web (details)
Continued after lunch.
Third Annual Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem (details)
Continued after lunch.
MobEA IV - Empowering the Mobile Web (details)
Continued after lunch.
IPTV services over World Wide Web (details)
Continued after lunch.
The E-Government: Barriers and Opportunities (details)
Continued after lunch.
Identity, Reference and the Web (details)
Continued after lunch.
Current Best Practices in Web Development and Design
World Organization of Webmasters Professional Development Activity joint with Tutorials' track (joint with Tutorials' track">details)
Continued after lunch.
14:00-15:30Impact of the Web on Publishing
Tim Faircliff (Reuters)
Nick Baker (Reed Elsevier)
Richard Smith (British Medical Journal Publishing Group)
Successful web based business - Intermediaries
Tao Yang (Ask.com)
Impact of the Web on Media & Entertainment
Chair: Simon Perry Digital-Lifestyles.info, UK
Pete Buckingham (UK Film Council)
Peggy Miles (International Webcasting Association)
Daniel Harris (Kendra)
...continued3rd W4A International Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Web Accessibility (Developers and Practice followup) (details)...continued...continued...continued...continued...continued...continued...continued...continued...continued
16:00-17:30New business models - adapting traditional business, creating a new business - Panel
Chair: Patrick Sheehan (3i)
Jim Brathwaite (South East of England Development Agency)
Eberhard Dollinger (Webpay International)
Danny Robinson (Peerflix)
Adam Seifer (Fotolog)
Daniel Waterhouse (3i)
Impact of the Web on Media & Entertainment
Chair: Simon Perry Digital-Lifestyles.info, UK
Paul Jessop (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)
Scott Cohen (The Orchard)
Guy McCreery (Third Ear)
Track:Invited SpeakersTutorialsWorkshopsDeveloper Track

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Wednesday 24th May

9:00-10:30Technical Conference Opening. The Next Wave of the Web: Plenary Panel
Introduction by: Charles Hughes (BCS), John White (ACM), Conference Programme Committee Chairs
Panel Chair - Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton)
Richard Benjamins (iSOCO)
Tim Berners-Lee (W3C)
Jim Hendler (MINDSWAP)
Clare Hart (Factiva)
PentlandSidlawFintryTintoMoorfootKilsythHarrisOchil (a)Ochil (b)Ochil (c)Carrick
11:00-12:30Impact of the Web on Networks
Chair: John Darlington, University of Southampton, UK
Geoffrey Hall (Nortel)
David Belanger (AT&T)
Opportunities for the Semantic Web - Business Applications
Michael Brodie (Verizon)
Hans-Peter Schnurr (Ontoprise)
Atanas Kiryakov (Ontotext)
Chair: Paolo Bouquet, University of Trento, Italy
Position Paper: A Comparison of Two Modelling Paradigms in the Semantic Web
Web Ontology Segmentation: Analysis, Classification and Use
Constructing Virtual Documents for Ontology Matching
Adaptivity & Mobility
Chair: Eric Brewer, Intel Research Berkeley, USA
Browsing on Small Screens: Recasting Web-Page Segmentation into an Efficient Machine Learning Framework
Image Classification for Mobile Web Browsing
Fine Grained Content-based Adaptation Mechanism for Providing High End-User Quality of Experience with Adaptive Hypermedia Systems
Fighting Search Spam
Chair: Ziv Bar-Yossef, Technion, Israel
Topical TrustRank: Using Topicality to Combat Web Spam
Site Level Noise Removal for Search Engines
Detecting Spam Web Pages through Content Analysis
Mobile Web Opportunities
Chair: Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (W3C)
W3C Mobile Web Initative
MWI Best Practices
MWI Device Description
Panel: What will the Mobile Web 2.0 be?
Introduction to Semantic Web (details)Scalable architectures and services for ubiquitous web access (details)Foundations and challenges of web advertising (details)Next Wave (Business)
Chair: Rohit Khare, CommerceNet
Web Services 2.0: Best Practices for Extreme Reuse
A Microformat and Proposal for Interoperable HTML Widgets (modules, gadgets, whatever)
What Powers Web2.0 Mashups
14:00-15:30Impact of the Web on Devices and interfaces
Lee Epting (Nokia)
Candace Johnson (Europe Online)
Opportunities for the Semantic Web - Research & Development
Horst Forster (European Commission)
AKT - Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton)
SEKT - John Davies (BT)
SEKT - Richard Benjamins (iSOCO)
Chair: Monika Solanki, De Montfort University, UK
XML Screamer: An Integrated Approach to High Performance XML Parsing, Validation and Deserialization Nominated for Best Paper Award
Symmetrically Exploiting XML Nominated for Best Student Paper Award
Compressing and Searching XML Data Via Two Zips
Developing Regions & Peer-to-Peer
Chair: Kentaro Toyama, Microsoft Research India, India
Analysis of WWW Traffic in Cambodia and Ghana
FeedEx: Collaborative Exchange of News Feeds Nominated for Best Student Paper Award
See also extra session (next) currently timetabled in Tutorial slot
Chair: Krishna Bharat, Google Inc., USA
Examining the Content and Privacy of Web Browsing Incidental Information
Off the Beaten Tracks: Exploring Three Aspects of Web Navigation Winner of Best Student Paper Award
pTHINC: A ThinClient Architecture for Mobile Wireless Web
Rich Web Applications
Chair: Dean Jackson (W3C)
Web Scripting APIs: Current and Future
Declarative Formats for Web Applications
The Power of Declarative Thinking
Languages for Developing Multimodal Applications (details)Introduction to Video Search Engines (details) Next Wave (2)
Chair: Danny Ayers, Independent Developer
DHTML Accessibility for Web Applications
SVG Data Widgets Framework
Adopting an open-source search engine and result comparisons to Google Appliance
Microformats, converting XHTML to vCards and vCalendars
These presentations may swap with those from Next Wave (3)
16:00-17:30Opportunities for the Semantic Web - Business Applications
Chair: John Darlington, University of Southampton, UK
Brian Bolam (OmPrompt)
Rick Hull (Lucent)
Analyst and Investment Community viewpoint
Alexander Linden
Ian Ritchie (Coppertop)
Ralph Hodgson (TopQuadrant)
Opportunities for the Mobile/Pervasive Web - Panel
Chair: Mark Crocker (OTR)
Diego Anza (France Telecom/Orange)
Ronan Cremin (mTLD)
Paul Walsh (Segala)
Jonas Wilhelmsson (Drutt Corporation)
Chair: Bertram Ludaescher, University of California, Davis, USA
Bringing Communities to the Semantic Web and the Semantic Web to Communities
Invisible Participants: How Cultural Capital Relates to Lurking Behavior
Probabilistic Models for Discovering E-Communities
User Interfaces: Semantic Tagging
Chair: Yoelle Maarek, IBM Research, Haifa, Israel
The Web Beyond Popularity - A Really Simple System for Web Scale RSS
Visualizing Tags over Time Nominated for Best Paper Award
Knowing the User's Every Move - User Activity Tracking for Website Usability Evaluation and Implicit Interaction
Mining the Web
Chair: Dmitri Pavlov, Yahoo Research, USA
Finding Advertising Keywords on Web Pages
Communities from Seed Sets
What's Really New on the Web? Identifying New Pages from a Series of Unstable Web Snapshots
Accessibility 2.0
Chair: Shawn Henry (W3C)
Moving to WCAG 2.0
Revealing the Power of ATAG 2.0
W3C Panel: Understanding Accessibility Issues in the Interactive Web
  Developing Regions 2
Chair: Eric Brewer, Intel Research Berkeley, USA
The case for multi-user design for computer aided learning in developing regions
Designing an Architecture for Delivering Mobile Information Services to the Rural Developing World
WebKhoj: Indian language IR from Multiple Character Encodings
Next Wave (3)
Chair: Danny Ayers, Independent Developer
JSON: The Fat Free Alternative to XML
RDF/A - Interoperable Metadata for XHTML
xH: The new language you already know
Semantic Wikipedia
A Public Key Authentication Scheme for HTTP
These presentations may swap with those from Next Wave (2)
Track:Invited SpeakersRefereed PapersW3C TrackTutorialsRefereed PapersDeveloper Track

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Thursday 25th May

9:00-10:30Solving Global Problems with Global Resources: Plenary Keynote
Mary-Ann Davidson (Oracle)
Tony Hey (Snr Vice President, Microsoft)
PentlandSidlawFintryTintoMoorfootKilsythHarrisOchil (a)Ochil (b)CarrickNESC
11:00-12:30Education and information
Tim Pearson (RM)
Gordon Thomson (CISCO)
Michael Wheatley (Envisional)
Meaning on the Web: Evolution or Intelligent Design?
Meaning on the Web: Evolution or Intelligent Design?
Industrial Practice & Experience
Chair: Marc Najork, Microsoft Research, USA
Using Annotations in Enterprise Search
Detecting Semantic Cloaking on the Web
Detecting Online Commercial Intention (OCI)
Correctness & Security
Chair: Harry Halpin, University of Edinburgh, UK
SecuBat: A Web Vulnerability Scanner
Access Control Enforcement for Conversation-based Web Services
Analysis of Communication Models in Web Service Compositions
Search Engine Engineering
Chair: David Lowe, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Toward Tighter Integration of Web Search with a Geographic Information System
Geographically Focused Collaborative Crawling
To Randomize or Not To Randomize: Space Optimal Summaries for Hyperlink Analysis
The Web Everywhere
Chair: Max Froumentin (W3C)
W3C Speech Standards
Internationalizing Speech Synthesis
Next steps: Ubiquitous Web
Internet Crime (details)Secure Authentication (details)Developer Tutorial: Microformats developer tutorial, Molly E Holzschlag (details) 
14:00-15:30Global Science
Chair: Dave DeRoure, University of Southampton, UK
Mark Linesch (Chair, Global Grid Forum)
Franco Accordino (European Commission Grid programme)
Malcolm Atkinson (UK e-Science Envoy)
Phillip Hallam-Baker (Verisign)
Paul King (CISCO)
Identity Management on Converged Networks: A Reality Check
Identity Management on Converged Networks: A Reality Check
E-Learning & Scientific Applications
Chair: Wolfgana Nejdl, L3S and University of Hannover, Germany
Addressing the Testing Challenge with a Web-Based E-Assessment System that Tutors as it Assesses Nominated for Best Student Paper Award
Knowledge Modeling and its Application in Life Sciences: A Tale of two Ontologies
Reappraising Cognitive Styles in Adaptive Web Applications
High Availability & Performance
Chair: Mustaque Ahamad, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Cat and Mouse: Content Delivery Tradeoffs in Web Access
WAP5: Blackbox Performance Debugging for WideArea Systems
WS-Replication: A Framework for Highly Available Web Services
Web Mining with Search Engines
Chair: Susan Dumais, Microsoft Research, USA
Random Sampling from a Search Engine's Index Winner of Best Paper Award
A Web-based Kernel Function for Measuring the Similarity of Short Text Snippets
Generating Query Substitutions
Web Services: Towards the Next Steps
Chair: Hugo Haas (W3C)
Web Services Addressing 1.0: Testing Implementations of an Interoperable Technology
WSDL 2.0
Semantic Annotations
XML Schema Patterns for Databinding
Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture: Futures (details)Web-Based Systems for Distance Education and e-Learning (details)Semantic Web (1)
Chair: Jim Hendler, MINDSWAP
OWLIM: balancing between scalable repository and light-weight reasoner
Building semantic-based applications using Oracle
Browsing RDF Data with OINK
An Open Source Implementation of SPARQL
These presentations may swap with those from Semantic Web (2)
16:00-17:30Global Science
Chair: Dave DeRoure, University of Southampton, UK
John Hurley (Boeing)
Susie Stephens (Oracle)
Reagan Moore (San Diego Supercomputer Centre)
Security - Panel
Chair: Mike Davies (Verisign)
Jonathan Armstrong (Eversheds)
Tom Ilube (garlik)
Mary Ellen Zurko (IBM)
Global Science
Gary Kendall (CDO2)
Steven Gaines (Novell)
Social Networks
Chair: Carole Goble, University of Manchester, UK
POLYPHONET: An Advanced Social Network Extraction System from the Web
Semantic Analytics on Social Networks: Experiences in Addressing the Problem of Conflict of Interest Detection Nominated for Best Paper Award
Exploring Social Annotations for the Semantic Web
Web Engineering: Validation
Chair: Martin Gaedke, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany
Relaxed-on the Way Towards True Validation of Compound Documents
Modelbased Version and Configuration Management for a Web Engineering Lifecycle
Modeldirected Web Transactions under Constrained Modalities Nominated for Best Paper Award
New Search Paradigms
Chair: Ravi Kumar, Yahoo!, Inc., USA
Retroactive Answering of Search Queries
CWS: A Comparative Web Search System
Searching with Context
Newest XML Tools: Queries, Transformations
Chair: Liam Quin (W3C)
Choosing Between XSLT 2.0 and XML Query 1.0
An XML based architecture for Web 2.0 applications
  Semantic Web (2)
Chair: Jim Hendler, MINDSWAP
DBin: Semantic Web for user communities, now!
Rhizome: Building semantic applications the Wiki-way
MINDSWAP Tools for the Semantic Web
D2R-Server - Publishing Relational Databases on the Web as SPARQL-Endpoints.
These presentations may swap with those from Semantic Web (2)
Chair: Liam Quin, W3C
Joint with W3C session
Track:Invited SpeakersRefereed PapersW3C TrackTutorialsDeveloper Track

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Friday 26th May

9:00-10:30The Impact of the Web on Health and Society: Plenary Keynotes
Richard Granger (NHS IT)
Daniel Weitzner (W3C)
PentlandSidlawFintryTintoMoorfootKilsythHarrisOchil (a)Ochil (b)Carrick (a)Carrick (b)
11:00-12:30Web based Support for Healthcare Professionals
Chair: Charles Docherty, Glasgow Caledonian University
Michael Rawlins (UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)
John Loonsk (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in Health and Human Services)
Impact of the Web on Society
Jim Kinney (Improvement Service)
Mike Futcher (Sopra Newell & Budge)
David Thomas (FBI)
Web based Support for Healthcare Professionals
Alan Rector (University of Manchester)
Prof. Mike Rigby and Mark Turner (Keele University)
Mike Bainbridge (Connecting for Health)
Semantic Web: Ontology Constuction
Chair: Peter Patel-Schneider, Bell Labs Research, USA
Position Paper: Ontology Construction from Online Ontologies
Position Paper: Towards the notion of gloss, and the adoption of linguistic resources in formal ontology engineering
Bootstrapping Semantics on the Web: Meaning Elicitation from Schemas
Security, Privacy & Ethics
Chair: Ari Juels, RSA Laboratories, USA
Designing Ethical Phishing Experiments: A study of (ROT13) rOnl query features
Invasive Browser Sniffing and Countermeasures
Protecting Browser State from Web Privacy Attacks
Data Mining
Chair: Mehran Sahami, Google Inc., USA
A Probabilistic Approach to Spatiotemporal Theme Pattern Mining on Weblogs
Time-Dependent Semantic Similarity Measure of Queries Using Historical Click-Through Data
Interactive Wrapper Generation with Minimal User Effort
Advancements in Semantic Web
Chair: Eric Miller (W3C)
Building a Web of Data
How does the Semantic Web enable Drug Discovery?
BioRDF: Seeding the Semantic Web
Semantic empowerment of Health Care and Life Science Applications
Bridging the Hypertext and Semantic Webs
Semantic Web Rules with Ontologies, and their E-Services Applications (details)Internationalizing XHTML, HTML and CSS Web Content (details)Developer tutorial: XForms for Web Applications Steve Pemberton (details) 
14:00-15:30Health - Patients and the Web
Chair: Charles Docherty, Glasgow Caledonian University
Frances Mair (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Ray Jones (University of Plymouth)
Frank Sullivan (University of Dundee)
Impact of the Web on Intellectual Property
Jeffrey Berkowitz (Finnegan, Henderson)
Clara Neppel (European Patent Office)
Phoiling Phishing
Phoiling Phishing
Semi-structured Semantic Data
Chair: Sean Bechhofer, University of Manchester, UK
Towards Content Trust of Web Resources
Supporting Online ProblemSolving Communities with the Semantic Web
Semantic Wikipedia
Performance, Reliability & Scalability
Chair: Craig Wills, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Dynamic Placement for Clustered Web Applications
Selective Early Request Termination for Busy Internet Services
SCTP: An innovative transport layer protocol for the web
Data Mining Classification
Chair: Soumen Chakrabati, IIT Bombay, India
Improved Annotation of the Blogosphere via Autotagging and Hierarchical Clustering
Large-Scale Text Categorization by Batch Mode Active Learning
A Comparison of Implicit and Explicit Links for Web Page Classification
Style and Layout: Key Successes to Create Interoperable Web Pages
Chair: Bert Bos (W3C)
Advanced Layout
The WaSP and CSS
Writing CSS For Syndicated Content
Semantic Web 2.0: Creating Social Semantic Information Spaces (details)Semantics for Health/Life Science (details)Late Breaking News (rescheduled from 16:00)
Chair: Mark Baker, Coactus
Kendra Base - a distributed semantic search and publish system prototype
Using ontologies to repair your car
Building Web Forms The Easy Way
Multiparadigm application development with the Zope 3 component architecture
LDDI: Microformats for SOA Registries
Chair: James Pearce, Argogroup, USA
SmartWeb: Mobile Access to the Semantic Web
Design tradeoffs for ubiquitous mobile applications, a case study with Yahoo! Go
The μMAIS prototype for the risk evaluation of archaelogical heritage
Location Based Web Search on GSM/GPRS Mobile Phones
16:00-17:30Health - Quality Health Information on the Web
Chair: Charles Docherty, Glasgow Caledonian University
Celia Boyer (Health on the Net, Geneva)
Simon de Lusignan (PRIMIS)
Rod Ward (Univ West England)
Impact of the Web on Society
Myles MacBean (Walt Disney Internet Group)
 E-Commerce & E-Government
Chair: Mark Manasse, Microsoft Research, USA
An e-Market Framework for Informed Trading
The Impact of Online Music Services on the Demand for Stars in the Music Industry
The Web Structure of E-Government - Developing a Methodology for Quantitative Evaluation
XML & Web Services
Chair: Massimo Mecella, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
One Document to Bind Them: Combining XML, Web Services, and the Semantic Web
ASDL: A Wide Spectrum Language For Designing Web Services
Semantic WS-Agreement Partner Selection Nominated for Best Student Paper Award
Improved Search Ranking
Chair: Nick Craswell, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Beyond PageRank: Machine Learning for Static Ranking
Optimizing Scoring Functions and Indexes for Proximity Search in Typeannotated Corpora
Automatic Identification of User Interest For Personalized Search
Challenges in Web Security
Chair: Thomas Roessler (W3C)
Web Security at W3C
Web APIs and Cross-Site Data Access
Ubiquitous Web Requirements
  Security (rescheduled from 14:00)
Chair: Philip Hallam-Baker, Verisign, USA
Developer Panel: Authentication 2.0
17:30-18:00Closing Plenary & Handover to WWW2007 Committee
Track:Invited SpeakersPanelsRefereed PapersW3C TrackTutorialsDeveloper Track

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