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A Management and Performance Framework for Semantic Web Servers
  • Malena Mesarina (Hewlett Packard Laboratories)
  • Venugopal Srinivasmurthy (Hewlett Packard Company)
  • Nic Lyons (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Craig Sayers (Hewlett Packard Laboratories)
The unification of Semantic Web query languages under the SPARQL standard and the development of commercial-quality implementations are encouraging industries to use semantic technologies for managing information. Current implementations, however, lack the performance monitoring and management services that the industry expects. In this paper, we present a performance and management framework interface to a generic SPARQL web server. We leverage existing standards for instrumentation to make the system ready-to-manage through existing monitoring applications, and we provide a performance framework which has the distinct feature of providing measurement results through the same SPARQL interface used to query data, eliminating the need for special interfaces.
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