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Automatic Searching of Tables in Digital Libraries
  • Ying Liu (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Kun Bai (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Prasenjit Mitra (The Pennsylvania State University)
  • C. Lee Giles (Pennsylvania State University)
Tables are ubiquitous. Unfortunately, no search engine supports table search. In this paper, we propose a novel table specific searching engine, TableSeer, to facilitate the table extracting, indexing, searching, and sharing. In addition, we propose an extensive set of medium-independent metadata to precisely present tables. Given a query, TableSeer ranks the returned results using an innovative ranking algorithm -- TableRank with a tailored vector space model and a novel term weighting scheme. Experimental results show that TableSeer outperforms existing search engines on table search. In addition, incorporating multiple weighting factors can significantly improve the ranking results.
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