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You don't have do be an "expert" or to own every album of a band to write about it. You only have to give an honest opinion on a band's discography(or the part of it that you own). If you don't know or can't find some of the info that is asked on the following form, please send it semi-completed or use the short form. Every information is usefull.

  • Fields starting with "*"are to be completed. You can leave the rest blank, but keep in mind that further info would be great.

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    - Singles and 'best of' albums are not to be written here(not "forbidden" though).

    *Present and past Members:
    - Please write at least the present band members.

    State (Active or Disbanded)

    - You do NOT have to write that. Try to find a biography and "copy-paste" it here, but please give us your source -

    *Your review on the band's discography/Description of the band's music:
    - That's the _main part_ of your contribution to the encyclopedia, you are not forced to write complete reviews, some lines for every album would be enough. Alternatively, write an overall description of the band's music. Make your way of writing, timeless. For example: "The band's third album", NOT "The band's last album". The reason is obvious. Try to say which album or albums will be fine for someone who never listened to this band. __Or just find a way that suits you.__

    Reference Bands::
    - Here are to be written the bands which included musicians of the band you're writing about and any side-projects.

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