Poster Submission: HTML Guidelines

HTML Poster Submission Guidelines

Please incorporate the following javascript into the <head> of your document's source code:

if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")) {
document.write("<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF=\"\" TYPE=\"text/css\">");
else {
document.write("<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF=\"\" TYPE=\"text/css\">");
// -->

Please keep the html code as simple as possible so that the style sheet can control the look of the poster.

Please use the following html tags in the source of your poster:

The maximum number of pages for the poster is two (2) printable pages when printed from a standard browser (Netscape 4.0+, Internet Explorer 4.0+) using the CSS style sheet provided. Please adhere to the following layout order when writing your posters:


All poster submissions and relevent images should be compiled into a zip file and uploaded onto the www10 conference poster submission site. Complicated equations and codes should be rendered into an image file (.jpg or .gif).