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Incremental Web Page Template Detection


  • Yu Wang(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Bingxing Fang(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Xueqi Cheng(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Li Guo(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Hongbo Xu(Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Most template detection methods process web pages in batches that a newly crawled page can not be processed until enough pages have been collected. This results in large storage consumption and a huge delay of data refreshing. In this paper, we present an incremental framework to detect templates in which a page is processed as soon as it has been crawled. In this framework, we don't need to cache any web page. Experiments show that our framework consumes less than 7% storage than traditional methods. And also the speed of data refreshing is accelerated because of the incremental manner.

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