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VoiKiosk: Increasing Reachability of Kiosks in Developing Regions


  • Sheetal Agarwal(IBM India Research Lab)
  • Arun Kumar(IBM India Research Lab)
  • Amit Anil Nanavati(IBM India Research Lab)
  • Nitendra Rajput(IBM India Research Lab)

One of the several initiatives to bridge the digital divide in developing countries has been the deployment of information kiosks or knowledge centers in villages in rural parts of the country. These kiosks provide services ranging from email, chat and browsing to distance education programs, agricultural services and eGovernance services. A kiosk typically comprises of a computer with printer, web cam, multimedia system and Internet connectivity and is owned by a local entrepreneur. Moving away from the PC based kiosk model, we present an alternative platform to create and host such information kiosks in the telephony network. We call these as VoiKiosks and they are accessible through voice interaction over an ordinary phone call.

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