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Track: WWW in China: Chinese Web Innovations

Paper Title:
Web Video Topic Discovery and Tracking via Bipartite Graph Reinforcement Model


  • Lu Liu(Tsinghua University)
  • Lifeng Sun(Tsinghua University)
  • Yong Rui(Microsoft China R&D Group)
  • Yao Shi(Tsinghua University)
  • Shiqiang Yang(Tsinghua University)

Automatic topic discovery and tracking on web-shared videos can greatly benefit both web service providers and end users. Most of current solutions of topic detection and tracking were done on news and cannot be directly applied on web videos, because the semantic information of web videos is much less than that of news videos. In this paper, we propose a bipartite graph model to address this issue. The bipartite graph represents the correlation between web videos and their keywords, and automatic topic discovery is achieved through two steps – coarse topic filtering and fine topic re-ranking. First, a weight-updating co-clustering algorithm is employed to filter out topic candidates at a coarse level. Then the videos on each topic are re-ranked by analyzing the link structures of the corresponding bipartite graph. After the topics are discovered, the interesting ones can also be tracked over a period of time using the same bipartite graph model. The key is to propagate the relevant scores and keywords from the videos of interests to other relevant ones through the bipartite graph links. Experimental results on real web videos from YouKu, a YouTube counterpart in China, demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods. We report very promising results.

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