WWW9 - Single Author Copyright Form

Author's Permission

I, the undersigned, am the Author of the paper entitled:


("Paper") submitted to the conference organizers, Foretec Seminars, for the 9th International World Wide Web Conference ("Conference") to be held May 11-14, 1999.

I, or my employer as appropriate, will retain copyright in the Paper subject to the Foretecs right to do the following:

  1. publish or arrange to publish the Paper as part of the Conference proceedings;
  2. copy and distribute the Paper in its entirety in print and electronic form;
  3. provide open access to the Paper by placing it on the World Wide Web, and granting others permission to do the same; and
  4. copy and distribute excerpts from the Paper,

provided that all copies of the Paper contain a proper copyright notice and/or attribution of authorship, as called for.

I and/or my employer represent and agree that:

  1. the Paper has not previously been submitted for publication elsewhere.

I also understand and agree that I am not entitled to compensation in return for submitting the Paper for publication by the conference organizers.


Employer (if the Copyright Holder)





Authorized Signature