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The correct answers to the questions in Travel Contest #4, which expired 31 December 1999 were:

The questions:

1. Catalunya is a region in France and Spain, with its own Catalan language, spoken by 11 million people. It has a rich culture, an interesting history and is famous for sports. Name the most significant:

Language schools
Adventure sports
History and culture = correct answer

2. Vernet-les-Bains is a scenic spa resort in the Pyrenees. Who named it "the Paradise of the Pyrenees"?

Rudyard Kipling = correct answer
Hans Christian Andersen
The Prince of Egypt

3. Village Catalan is a hamlet of 12 houses overlooking the Paradise of the Pyrenees. What exactly is it?

A medieval village
A self-catering holiday resort = correct answer
A spa hotel

Optional question, this is the hard one, but you can find a link to the clue at our website and it gives you an extra point.

4. Which town was in the past featured on the Spanish 500 Pesetas banknotes?

Vernet-les-Bains = correct answer
Les Temps-de-Cerises

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