The 1999 travel contest on the Internet- the answers were.... win a holiday, contest, competition, sweepstakes, prize draw, prize, $100 voucher, free, adventure, cultural holidays, holiday homes, resorts, hot springs, travel, adventure and leisure activities, tourist information, Pyrenees, Mediterranean South of France The correct answers to the questions in Travel Contest #3, which expired 31 December 1998 were:

The questions:

      1. Name the two countries the Pyrenees border:
      France and Spain = Correct answer
      France and Italy
      Austria and Switzerland

      2. Name the tiny tax free country in the Pyrenees.
      Andorra = Correct answer

      3. Name a famous waterfall near Village Catalan:
      Cascades-des-Anglais = Correct answer

      Optional question,
      4. Name the Catalan sacred mountain:
      Mont Blanc
      Le Canigou = Correct answer
      Les Temps de Cerises

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