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The Travel Contest 2002 on the web
How to win a free holiday in the South of France
Prizes include a free week for two and $1,000 worth of holiday vouchers.
    1st Prize: a week stay at self catering moutain resort Village Catalan. Additional winners of $100 vouchers will be notified by email. A new contest has started for 2002. Link partners, please keep your links live for the new contest!

The past Travel Contests (31 Dec 1999) answers | (31 Dec 1998) answers

    To participate in the next prize draw, just answer 4 travel questions correctly, state your holiday period and the number of persons in your household. The slogan question is optional.

    View of Vernet-les-Bains You can win one week free use of a holiday home for two in Village Catalan in scenic Roussillon between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, or a $100 discount voucher for Village Catalan. Next draw: December 31, 2002. Click here if you wish to look for clues. Use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

    The questions:
    1. Name western Europe's largest wilderness area:
    The Pyrenees mountains
    Le Temps de Cerises
    Fromage de Chevre

    2. Which one of these cities is located in Catalunya

    3. Catalan is the language spoken in Catalunya in France, Spain and Andorra. How many people speak Catalan?
     1 million
    11 million
    23 million

    4. Statistics indicate that Pyrenees-Roussillon is the sunniest place in Europe. What is the average number of days of sunshine per year?

    Optional question, just for fun...
    4. Identify Village Catalan's slogan (expressed by a guest):
    Holidays of a lifetime
    What dreams are made of
    What a view
    If you wish, you can suggest another slogan here:

    Your holiday period:
    Number of persons in your household:

    Please enter your email address:

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      - Address
      - Postal code or zip
      - Country
      We will not resell your address; the information is exclusively for the purpose of the travel contest.


      Rules: The 1st prize is one week free use of a self-catering house in Village Catalan, excluding local utility charges, and up to 100 additional prizes of $100 off-season discount vouchers valid 12 months for Village Catalan, subject to availability. Employees and partners of Europe Today and Village Catalan may not participate. An interim prize draw of this 6th travel contest will take place on 30 June 2002, for winners of $100 discount vouchers, and the final prize draw for the winner of the 1st prize will take place on 31st December 2002, among participants who have submitted correct answers and among those who participate in the travel contest link exchange. The winners will be notified by email and the name of the winner of the 1st prize will be published on this website.


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