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  • Art course & inspirational tour
    "Art Sans Frontiere" in France with instructor and tour leader
  • The Catalan Experience
    Excursion package with tour leader and gourmet meals
  • Action holidays
    Action holiday with canyoning, hiking and caving i Roussillon
  • Village Catalan
    - bookings now in for the main season... self-catering adventure and health resort in the South of France
  • Globetrotters Morocco Expedition
    An educational overland expedition to the Sahara, focusing on ecotourism and adventure
  • Action Adventures Trax
    Trax adventures in Europe, Africa and Asia from $230 pw!
  • Europe Today
    Travel and tourist information for 14 European countries
  • The Mobile Hotel
    - 12 cabins, 30 beds on wheels - roam Europe for $50 a day (for groups).
  • Skiing in the Pyrenees
    Ski in the sunshine of Southern France
  • Explorers Academy
    - adventure travel courses, art and language courses
  • Europe Today Car Hire
  • International Globetrotters Club
    - membership gives access to travel education sponsorships and discounts
  • Holiday homes in the South of France
    - long term off season rentals available...

  • Icitours Travel
    - Portuguese incoming agency
  • Specialty Travel Index
  • Visit Europe Today Travel Forum

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