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WWW2007 Newsletter -- February 2007 (Issue #7)

This is the seventh issue of the WWW2007 Newsletter. In this issue:

  1. Upcoming deadlines: DevTrack, Posters, Workshops, Early Bird
  2. 111 papers accepted for WWW2007
  3. New sponsors for WWW2007
  4. Student travel awards available
  5. Hotel updates

1. Upcoming deadlines: DevTrack, Posters, Workshops, Early Bird

The next imminent deadlines for WWW2007 are for Developers Track (DevTrack) papers, poster papers, and workshop papers.

  • Call for DevTrack paper submissions:
    • WWW2007 solicits short papers and demos for the Developers Track. This is a track by developers, for developers. Submissions will be judged based on how relevant, interesting, and useful they are to working Web developers. This year's DevTrack is sponsored by AOL. Part of their funding will be used as travel support for independent developers who would otherwise be unable to attend WWW2007. Please contact the track chairs for further details about this opportunity.
    • Submissions will be accepted until February 16, 2007. More information is at http://www2007.org/cfp-Developers.php
  • Call for poster paper submissions:
    • WWW2007 continues the tradition of hosting a Poster Track to provide a unique and interactive opportunity for researchers to present their new and innovative work-in-progress, and to obtain feedback from their peers in an informal setting. Posters will be peer-reviewed by members of the program committee based on originality, significance, quality, and clarity. Accepted papers are allocated 2 pages on the conference CD and in the ACM digital library.
    • The deadline for poster submissions is February 12, 2007. More information at http://www2007.org/cfp-Posters.php
  • Call for workshop papers:
    • A total of 9 workshops were chosen by the Program Committee for the WWW2007 conference. WWW2007 workshops provide a forum for highly interactive discussion on specific and current Web-related issues. All WWW2007 workshops will take place on Tuesday, May 8.
    • Each workshop has a separate Call for Papers. Submission deadlines range from early February to early March, depending on the workshop. Web sites with submission instructions and important dates for each workshop can be found at http://www2007.org/prog-Workshops.php
  • Early Bird registration:
    • The registration site for WWW2007 is open, and can be accessed at https://www2007.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/register2007.php. WWW2007 offers great flexibility for attendees, who can register for any combination of the 5 conference days. Please note that the deadline for early registration is March 5, 2007.

2. 111 papers accepted for WWW2007

The technical program committee has selected 111 papers for WWW2007, out of the record number of 755 submissions. This represents a very competitive acceptance rate of 14.7%.

A list of accepted papers by each research track can be found at http://www2007.org/prog-Papers.php.

More information about the technical program of WWW2007, including a tentative schedule for the various sessions can be found at http://www2007.org/program.php.

3. New sponsors for WWW2007

eBay Research Labs is the latest Bronze Sponsor for WWW2007!

eBay has been one of the major driving forces in e-commerce for many years now. The scientists and engineers working in eBay Research Labs work on understanding what e-commerce will look like in the future and exploring solutions to challenges we haven't yet encountered. Working closely with the various eBay businesses and communities, they focus on areas such as: search, Machine Learning, analytics and optimization, trust and reputation, social networking and incentive networks, infrastructure and Grid computing.

We're also pleased to announce the following organizations joining WWW2007 as exhibitors:

  • Sirma Group (Ontotext Lab)
  • Taylor & Francis Group
  • The Web Science Research Initiative

More information at http://www2007.org/sponsors.php

4. Student travel awards available

WWW2007 is offering a travel award program to help students offset the costs of attending the conference. The awards consist of $500 CAN for students from North American universities, or travelling to WWW2007 from within North America, and $750 CAN for students from universities outside North America. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled full-time at a recognized university, and attend at least 3 days of the conference. The application deadline is February 24, 2007. Awards will be decided on a merit basis, and announced by March 1, 2007.

Funds for student travel have been provided by IBM Research, iCORE, Microsoft, and the University of Calgary. There will be up to 40 student travel awards available.

More details at http://www2007.org/studentawards.php

5. Hotel updates

Reservations continue to arrive steadily at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. As of January 31, the WWW2007 room block was 58% full, so please get your reservation in soon if you are planning to stay there.

As a backup plan, the WWW2007 organizers have lined up six overflow hotels in Banff as well. These are described at: http://www2007.org/otherhotels.php.

As promised, a room-sharing buddy system is available for those on a tight budget, or just looking to make new friends in Banff. You can submit room-sharing requests via: https://www2007.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/hotelBuddy.php.

The WWW2007 Newsletter will be sent periodically, roughly once every month leading up to the conference. The newsletters will be archived at the 'Media and Publicity' section of the WWW2007 Web site.

Contact the WWW2007 Publicity Chair, (Denilson Barbosa, denilson@ucalgary.ca) with news and/or announcements for upcoming editions of the Newsletter.

We have made every effort to keep the circulation of the newsletters amongst those interested in receiving them. If you are not in this group, please accept our apologies; we ask you to send an email to contact@iw3c2.org requesting to be removed from our mailing list.