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Media Coverage

WWW2006 generated a huge amount of media interest and coverage. The links below detail the printed and online articles which appeared before, during, and immediately after the conference. Further broadcast coverage included the BBC, Sky News, and Scottish TV.

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Friday 9th June

  • US intelligence to embrace Semantic Web for surveillance - PC PRO
  • Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites - New Scientist

Thursday 1st June

  • P2P media services raise ISP hackles - vnunet.com

Wednesday 31st May

  • ACM Elects New Officers for 2006-2008 Term - Yahoo! Finance

Tuesday 30th May

  • US votes to preserve Net neutrality - PC Pro
  • Why software can't bridge the gaps - Business.timesonline
  • Semantic web 'ready to implement' - Computer Weekly
  • Prepare for a revolution of the web, says Berners-Lee - Computer Weekly

Monday 29th May

  • Leading the Web: not just for academics - Builder.AU
  • Berners-Lee to star in debate on the future of the World Wide Web - ComputerWeekly.com

Friday 26th May

  • Wide open future for the web - BBC
  • Net guru peers into web's future - BBC
  • Oracle: Market forces fail to make software secure - Builder UK
  • Leading the Web: not just for academics - Builder UK
  • Oracle exec chides software preparedness - M&C News
  • Web inventor warns of 'dark' net - Legit News
  • China, the Web's Broken Link - Zdnet.com
  • The next wave of the web - News@Nature
  • Oracle exec hits out at 'patch' mentality - News.com

Thursday 25th May

  • Mobile web gears up for lift-off - BBC
  • The Web and grids: hand in hand to a distributed future - Builder UK
  • Improving internal search and detecting cloaking - Zdnet.com
  • The semantic web is upon us, says Berners-Lee - Silicon.com
  • Semantic Web Ready, says W3C's Tim Berners-Lee - MoneyControl.com
  • Web Creator Backs Net Neutrality - Free Market News Network FMNN

Wednesday 24th May

  • Smart sites to power semantic web - BBC
  • Inventor of web warns of 'dark period' if broken up - The Scotsman
  • Privacy worries over web's future - BBC
  • Semantic Web ready for mainstream use - Builder UK
  • Mash-ups, XML, and visualizing Flickr - Zdnet (blog)
  • Still with the semantic web thing! - Zdnet (blog)
  • Semantic Web will bring privacy nightmare - The Inquirer
  • Tim Berners-Lee Warns About a Tiered Internet - EHomeupgrade.com

Tuesday 23rd May

  • Web inventor warns of 'dark' net - BBC
  • Mobile Web users promised seamless mobility - Builder UK
  • W3C Work Featured at WWW2006 in Edinburgh; W3C Members and Staff to Present a Wide Range of Web Infrastructure Foundations and Interactive Web Standards - Tcmnet.com
  • Next, a 'more revolutionary' Web - International Herald Tribune
  • Berners-Lee calls for Net Neutrality - Builder UK
  • The End User: Lonely quest for unity - International Herald Tribune interview with Daniel Harris of Kendra Initiative
  • BT plans to squeeze knowledge from the Net - PC PRO
  • Inventor spins Web, says world will be even smaller - REUTERS
  • Berners-Lee calls for Net neutrality - CNET News.com

Monday 22nd May

  • Building on the future of the web - BBC
  • Poor standards for impaired web users put accessibility high on the agenda at International World Wide Web conference - e-consultancy.com
  • Webmasters reveal a digital future - Taipei Times (Taken from the Observer)
  • Internet inventor welcomes new Web era - cnet.co.uk
  • Tim Berners Lee continues net neutrality fight - Slashdot 'ScuttleMonkey' (!)

Sunday 21st May

  • All set for a baby.com revolution - Guardian
  • E-learning + Scotland = Major success - Sunday Herald

19th May

  • Semanstic web gives better answers - IT Week
  • Web inventor says brainchild ready for big leap - ZDNet
  • Tim Berners-Lee Holds Out Hope - Tech Search - Internet and E-Business Blog

18th May

  • New BCS Women's Forum to address IT employment concerns - PublicTechnology.net

16th May

  • Business and IT leaders to discuss future of the web - ComputerWeekly.com

12th May

  • Conference calls on Government to improve its websites - i.t.wales

21st April

  • BCSWomen hosts professional development workshops - Ping Wales

19th April

  • Workshops launched to help boost women's IT careers - PublicTechnology.net

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