Re: WWW8: Developers Day in Toronto
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Re: WWW8: Developers Day in Toronto

Rebecca, Ian is finding difficulty in getting an hotel room - he wanted the
Marriott, Eaton Center Toronto but showing full.  I went to the web site
but its telling me I have to register Ian first and he is already
registered.  Can you help with hotel please for 12/13 May.
I really would appreciate your help on this.  The only hotel I can get him
in is the Airport Marriott, Toronto, and as Ian was invited to attend the
"Developers Day" its important he is not too far out.  If I am asking the
wrong person please forward to appropriate person.

Pam Jobling Secretary to
Ian Brackenbury, President of the Academy &
John Chapman, Assistant Laboratory Manager
Tel: (44) (0)1962 816606  Internal: 246606
Secretary, Pam Jobling (44) (0)1962 816372 Internal 246372
Mail: Hursley Assistant Lab Manager @ IBMGB

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20/04/99 13:08 ---------------------------

Ian Brackenbury
18/04/99 14:42

To:   Marilee West <>
cc:   Graham Glass <>, Janet Mills
      <>, Hursley Assistant Lab Manager/UK/IBM
From: Ian Brackenbury/UK/IBM@IBMGB
Subject:  Re: WWW8: Developers Day in Toronto  (Document link not

Marilee, copy Pam Jobling, IBM
Couple of notes below may help - especially the URL.

Ian Brackenbury
18/04/99 14:36

From: Ian Brackenbury/UK/IBM@IBMGB
Subject:  [WWW8-Announce] Full Conference program now available

Ref my earlier note about Developer's Day; here's URL for the www8
Participants for Developer's Day need only pay for that one day, I'm told.
And there's
a discount for early registration as per below. ...Ian.
Ian Brackenbury,Distinguished Engineer,IBM Corporation,Hursley Lab
"Teamwork Over Networks"<> in UK
Tel:+44-196-281-8130  Fax:+44-196-281-8309  Res:+44-196-271-3139

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Rebecca Bunch <> on 14/04/99 22:08:35

Please respond to Rebecca Bunch <>

To:   WWW8 Announce <>
cc:    (bcc: Ian Brackenbury/UK/IBM)
Subject:  [WWW8-Announce] Full Conference program now available

The full WWW8 conference program is now available at
Schedule information is included for all paper sessions, panels,
industry and W3C tracks. In addition, an at-a-glance schedule is
available for all events.

Don't forget to register before the earlybird cutoff to get the lower
rates: Monday April 19, 5 PM EDT.

Rebecca F. Bunch
Foretec Seminars
1895 Preston White Drive
Suite 100
Reston, VA  20191

Phone 703-620-9053
Fax     703-620-9071

Ian Graham <> on 14/04/99 18:30:07

Please respond to Ian Graham <>

To:   Ian Brackenbury/UK/IBM
Subject:  ian brackenbury bio

Hi --

I'm attaching below a short bio I've written up for you.
Please have a quick read to confirm that it is correct/
acceptable, and feel free to make any changes you wish.
You can simply mail back a revised copy if you wish.

Also -- some of the conference hotels are filling up, and
some of the other nearby hotels are quite expensive. I've
thus put together (With Jutta Treviranus's help) a short
list of hotels/bed and breakfasts that are a bit further
away, but more modestly priced. This information is found
at my personal WWW8 web site, at: Please feel free to
pass this URL on to any of your speakers who may be on a
tight budget.


------------------ BIO GOES HERE ----------------------

Ian Brackenbury
Ian joined IBM at Hursley in 1974, working on advanced computer
languages, image systems, workflow, and high-function graphics.
Since then Ian has worked in several areas, and was responsible for
a wide range of software advanced development projects, including
prototypes for Object Rexx, desktop hypertext and multimedia,
and person-to-person conferencing.

Since 1995 Ian has been leading the IBM Centre for Java Technology,
responsible for porting Java to over a dozen platforms. Ian is an IBM
Senior Technical Staff Member, a member of the British Computer Society,
a member of IEEE and ACM, and a member of the IBM Academy.

Marilee West <> on 14/04/99 16:22:55

Please respond to Marilee West <>

To:   Ian Brackenbury/UK/IBM
cc:   Graham Glass <>, Janet Mills
Subject:  WWW8:  Developers Day in Toronto

Good morning/afternoon!

I am helping coordinate Graham Glass' travel plans to attend this
and I need a little information from you:

1.   Where will the conference be held in Toronto?
2.   Is there a preferred hotel for him to stay in?  (It appears he will
need to arrive on May 13 around 9:16 PM, and leave on a 6:38 PM flight
     on May 14)

Any other information about the conference particulars would be helpful in
planning his itinerary.  If you have any questions please give me a call at
(972) 726-4438.

Thank you!

Marilee West