WWW8 Call for Papers -- Reminder
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WWW8 Call for Papers -- Reminder

 Toronto, May 11-14, 1999 
 Web Site:  http://www8.org 

Paper submission deadline:  November 23, 1998 
Author notification:  February 1, 1999 
Paper final version notice:  March 1, 1999 
Conference:  May 11-14, 1999 

The WWW8 Conference, sponsored by the International World Wide Web
Conference Committee (IW3C2) and managed by Foretec Seminars, will consist
of refereed technical papers, tutorials, workshops, posters, a W3C track,
and a Developer's Day track.  Technical papers present original reports of
substantive new work in areas that can be theoretical (models, analysis
techniques, semantics), empirical (experiments, case studies), or
implementation-oriented (new systems, tools, methodologies, user
interfaces).  Papers should properly place the work within the field, cite
related work, and clearly indicate the innovative aspects of the work and
its contribution to the development of the WWW.  Papers will be refereed by
an International Program Committee. 

Best Paper and Best Presentation awards will be presented at the closing

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics of interest: 

 WWW Performance 
- Caching 
- Replication 
- Fault tolerance 
- Performance monitoring 
- Benchmarking 
- Multimedia delivery 
- Networking issues 

Browsers and Tools 
- Browsers 
- Authoring tools 
- Web site management tools 
- Application development tools 
- Programming languages 

Hypertext and Hypermedia 
- Metadata:  XML/XSL, RDF, 
- Designing documents and sites 
- Hyperdocument visualization 
- Navigation techniques 
- Web models 

User Interfaces 
- Novel interfaces 
- Multimedia interfaces 
- Interfaces for hand-held/mobile devices 
- Virtual Reality on the Web 
- Support for collaborative work 

Searching, Querying, and Indexing 
- Information retrieval on the web 
- Query mechanisms 
- Web/database system interactions 

Electronic Commerce and Security 
- Web transactions 
- Charging and payment protocols 
- Security 

A note on accessibility issues: 
- Whenever appropriate, authors are encouraged to comment on accessibility
as it relates to their paper. 
- Are the technologies, standards or practices you are discussing
accessible to individuals who use alternative display or control systems
(e.g., people who have disabilities)? 
- For more information please see www.w3.org/wai 

How to submit a paper:

-papers can be in HTML (browsable by any of the commonly used browsers),
Postscript, or PDF. Papers should be no longer than 20 pages at point
size 12.

-the URL for paper submission and more detailed information is    



 Conference Co-Chairs: 
 Albert Vezza, CNRI 
 Robert Cailliau, CERN 
 Murray Maloney, Muzmo Communication Inc. 

 Program Committee Chair: 
 Alberto Mendelzon, U. Toronto 

 Program Committee Vice-chairs: 
 User Interfaces 
 Ron Baecker, Mark Chignell, U. Toronto 

 WWW Performance 
 Fred Douglis, AT&T Labs 

 Searching, Querying, and Indexing 
 Oren Etzioni, U. Washington 

 Browsers and Tools 
 Hannes Marais, Compaq SRC 

 Electronic Commerce and Security 
 Doug Tygar, UC Berkeley 

 Anne-Marie Vercoustre, INRIA 

 Tutorials Chair: 
 Richard Binder, Foretec Seminars 

 Workshops Co-Chairs: 
 Benay Dara-Abrams, Sholink Corporation 
 Richard Binder, Foretec Seminars 

 Developer's Day Program Chair: 
 Ian Graham, U. Toronto 

 Posters Chair: 
 Charles Clarke, U. Toronto 

 Panels Co-Chairs: 
 Michael Bieber, NJIT 
 Carolyn Watters, Dalhouse Univ. 

Program Committee Members (partial list):

 Marc Abrams, Virginia Tech Univ.
 Virgilio Almeida, UFMG
 Paolo Atzeni, Universit di Roma Tre, Italia
 Albert Badre, Georgia Tech Univ.
 Gaurav Banga, Rice Univ.
 Haig Baronikian, U. Toronto
 Rob Barret, IBM Almaden
 Krishna Bharat, DEC
 Peter Brusilovsky, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
 Dick Bulterman, CWI
 James Callan, U. Massachusetts
 Pei Cao, Wisconsin Univ.
 Stuart Card, Xerox PARC
 Tom Carey, U. Waterloo
 John Carroll, Virginia Tech Univ.
 Bay Wie Chang, Xerox PARC
 Jeffrey Chase, Duke Univ.
 Joan Cherry, U. Toronto
 Emerald Chung, Lucent Technologies
 William Cohen, AT&T Labs
 Dan Connolly, W3C
 Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft
 Peter Danzig, Network Appliance
 Sue Dumais, Microsoft
 Ray Eberts, Purdue Univ.
 Anja Feldmann, AT&T
 Mike Feeley, UBC
 Daniela Florescu, INRIA
 Gene Golovchinsky, FX Palo Alto
 Jonathan Grudin, UC-Irvine
 Jorge M. Haake, GMD-IPSI
 Wendy Hall, U. Southhampton
 Dave Hawking, CSIRO 
 Marti Hearst, UC-Berkeley
 Martin Helander, Hong Kong UST
 Ivan Herman, CWI
 Renato Iannella, DSTC
 Kori Inkpen, Simon Fraser Univ.
 Arun Iyengar, IBM
 Rob Jacob, Tufts Univ.
 Henry Kautz, AT&T Labs
 Jon Kleinberg, Cornell Univ.
 P. Krishnan, Lucent Technologies
 Alan Kuchinsky, HP Labs
 Steve Lawrence, NEC
 John Leggett, Texas A&M Univ.
 Hakon Lie, W3CHenry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab
 Zhen Liu, INRIA
 David Lowe, U. Technology, Sydney
 Qi Lu, IBM Almaden
 Yoelle Maarek, IBM Haifa
 Gary Marchionini, U. Maryland
 Massimo Marchiori, W3C
 Cathy Marshall, Xerox PARC
 Alain Mayer, Bell Labs
 Joanna McGrenere, U. Toronto
 David Modjeska, U. Toronto
 Mark Najork, Compaq SRC
 Marc Nanard, U. Montpellier
 Wayne Neale, Kodak
 Jan Pedersen, Infoseek
 Samuel Rebelsky, Grinnell College
 George Robertson, Microsoft
 Cecile Roisin, INRIA
 Jerry Rolia, Carleton Univ.
 Alex Rousskov, NLANR
 Mehran Sahami, Stanford Univ.
 Daniel Schwabe, PUC-RIO
 Peter Scheuermann, Northwestern Univ.
 Jean Scholtz, NIST
 Rick Sobiesiak, IBM Toronto
 Linda Tauscher, Netstart
 Murray Turoff, NJIT
 John Waterworth, Umea Univ.
 Stuart Weibel, OCLC
 Jennifer Widom, Stanford Univ.
 Craig Wills, WPI
 Terry Winograd, Stanford Univ.
 Kent Wittenburg, GTE
 Ellen Zegura, Georgia Tech Univ.
 Justin Zobel, RMIT Univ.

Rebecca F. Bunch
Foretec Seminars