[WWW10-Announce] More program information for WWW10
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[WWW10-Announce] More program information for WWW10

More program information for WWW10

Please check www10.org.hk for information on the W3C Track and Vendors'
Track. For the W3C Track, there will be 13.5 hours of reports from the
World Wide Web Consortium, which is a once-a-year opportunity for the
public to learn what the emerging Web technologies and standards are.
For the Vendors' Track, 12 leading companies will be presenting their
latest development and products. There will be four parallel tracks for
the Developers' Day; one of them will be on Web business opportunities
in the Asia/Pacific region, which is quite different in nature from the
programs of past conferences. More information will be provided later.

If you have not yet registered, you may wish to take advantage of the
substantial discounts by taking action before midnight, March 31
(Hawaiian time, GMT-10). We shall offer a reasonable grace period for
payment settlement. Please note the discount rates for some hotels
might not be available after March 31.

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