[WWW10-Announce] CFP: Workshop on WEB ENGINEERING
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[WWW10-Announce] CFP: Workshop on WEB ENGINEERING

Call for Papers: Workshop on WEB ENGINEERING

Fourth International Workshop on Web Engineering
1 May 2001, Hong Kong


Held in conjunction with the Tenth World Wide Web (WWW10) Conference,
Hong Kong, 1-5 May 2001

Deadline for submission of papers/panel proposals: 29 January 2001

This fourth Workshop is organised in response to the increasing need to
systematise current ad hoc approaches to creating and maintaining
Web-based applications.  It focuses on successful development of large,
complex Web-based systems and provides a mix of academic research and
experience of industry practitioners to address the major problems in
building and maintaining such systems.

The Workshop builds upon the five previous workshops (at WWW7, WWW8,
WWW9, ICSE99 and ICSE2000) and incorporates the best practices from
Software Engineering and other disciplines which impact upon Web-based
application development.

We are especially looking for case studies in developing Web sites and
applications of all hues and sizes, exemplifying good practices and
methodologies, and lessons learned. The World Wide Web conference,
WWW10, like its predecessors, will attract traditionally divergent
groups of researchers and practitioners. This Workshop is a conscious
and specially directed effort at building bridges between communities
while addressing the common concerns of Web Engineering from multiple

This workshop will primarily focus on the following main themes related
to Web development:

     Case studies and lessons learned
     Requirements identification, specification and analysis
     Development methodologies and practices
     Web quality and performance measures, testing and evaluation
     Web technologies

Submissions focusing on  system design, life-cycle and management of
large Web-based systems, educational and research issues and other
areas are also welcome.

The Workshop Proceedings will be published by the WWW10 organising

For further details, please visit: http://aeims.uws.edu.au/webe2001/

Deadline for submission: 29 January 2001

Workshop Programme Co-chairs

  Yogesh Deshpande, University of Western Sydney, Australia
  San Murugesan,  University of Western Sydney, Australia
  Martin Gaedke, University of Karlsruhe, Germany