www2002 Gallery
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Boat photo from hotel balcony.

Speakers for plenary session.

David Lassner opens session.

Dave De Roure and Arun Iyengar receive awards.

Dave De Roure introduces Ian Foster.

Ian Foster at the podium.

Arun Iyengar introduces Alfred Spector

Alfred Spector addresses audience.

Bishop Museum before attendees arrive.

Attendees gather in front of the Bishop Museum planetarium.

Guests enter the museum main building.

Guests converse on the museum lawn.

Three guests pose for a picture in front of main building.

Attendees take tour of the museum.

Museum guide addresses guests.

A guest inspects the museum's outrigger canoe display.

Hawaiian plants surround water feature on museum grounds.

Three musicians from the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Attendees grab their plates in front of a beautiful floral display.

Wider view of guests lining up at the buffett line.

Attendess make their way to the desserts.

Hoyt Zia speaks with a guest.

Yves helps with some photos.

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