www 2009 Madrid

We seek your feedback on WWW2008 and your suggestions for WWW2009.


(*)Just complete the evaluation form and your name goes into the draw for a free WWW2009 conference registration.

As a delegate at WWW2008 and a possible delegate to WWW2009 we seek your comments and suggestions to help us build a better conference series. We appreciate your time is valuable so we want to offer a lucky draw prize of a free WWW2009 conference registration, to one of you who complete the survey (to be drawn by July 15th.)

1) How did you find out about the WWW2008 conference?

2) Name the 2 or 3 key reasons that motivated you to attend the WWW2008 conference?

Pre Conference Organization Web Site

3a) Rate the Web site in terms of the content it provided:  
Poor Excellent  
3b) What additional information would you like to have seen included?

4a) Rate the Web site in terms of design and navigation:
Poor Excellent
4b) How could the Web site design have been improved

5a) Rate the www2008-list postings in terms of timing and content:
Poor Excellent
5b) How could these have been improved?

6a) How straightforward was the registration process?: 
Poor Excellent
6b) How could the registration process be improved?

7a) Rate the quality (value for money) of the accommodation you selected:
Poor Excellent
7b) If you had any problems with accommodation please outline

At the Conference

8a) Rate the on-site registration process:
Poor Excellent
8b) How could this process have been improved?

9a) Rate the overall conference facilities:
Poor Excellent
9b) How could these have been improved?

10a) Rate the meals and conference dinner:
Poor Excellent
10b) How could these have been improved?

Conference Content

11a) Which track do you think is most interesting or useful to you?

11b) Do you have comments or suggestions related to the contents or presentations carried out in any session of the above tracks?

11c) New track (if any) that you hope to see in WWW2009?

12) Did you visit any of the exhibits?:     

13) Did you find the exhibits to be a valuable part of the conference?: 

Post Conference

14a) How would you describe your overall conference experience?
Poor Excellent
14b). If your rating was poor what were the main reasons for this rating?

15) Was the conference good value for money? (in terms of professional development for time spent)
Poor Excellent

16). Would you recommend the conference series to a colleague? 

17a). Do you feel you will try to attend next year conference in Madrid? 

17b).  If you answered "no" or "maybe" what additional factors or issues might change your mind

17c). Can you suggest any ways to make the WWW2009 Madrid conference more attractive?

17d). Can you suggest any new ways the conference might be advertised?

Demographic details

21) How many WWW series conference have you attended (including this one)?

22). What was your status at this year conference?

23) What sector are you currently working in?

24)  Did you spend extra time in Beijing/China sightseeing?  

Thank you for taking the time to give us your comments. If you would like to be included in the lucky draw to be held by June 15th, please include your name and email. These details will be separated from your question responses upon receipt. All response will be treated as strictly confidential.



We hope to see you in Madrid at WWW2009.