WWW2006 - Developers Call for Submissions
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Call for Developer Submissions

We are pleased to be able to offer a special very low rate for independent developers presenting on the developers track. This is available only for self-financing developers (i.e. not receiving expenses from their employer or university), who are giving presentations on the developers track (including lightening talks). The rate is optionally:

  • a free "One Day Attendance" for the day that the developer is participating, or
  • £199 for a "Standard Passport" conference registration for the whole week.
This rate is obtainable by email application to the Developer Track Chairs along with a presentation submission (see below).

The chairs thank Hewlett Packard for their generosity in sponsoring this rate.

The developers' track consists of presentations by developers for developers. The audience is expected to be technically capable, and wanting to see a 'wow' factor with new functionality. Technical nitty-gritty is encouraged. Demos are good. Lightening talks consisting entirely of a demo are encouraged.

To present your work on the developers' track, please respond to this call for submissions, by giving us a short description of what it is you would like to present, how long a presentation you would like to give, and indicate for which session(s) it would be appropriate.

Submissions are made by email to the Developer Chairs (www2006-developers@www2006.org). You have to send the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Presentation title
  • The preferred length of the presentation
  • The possible length of presentation, list all that you are willing to accept.
    No more than five minutes, for a quick demo. Please choose this option, even if you would prefer to give a longer presentation. Not choosing this option indicates that you do not want to give a lightening talk, even if there is not space for you to give a longer talk.
    10 minutes
    20 minutes
    The current intention is to mainly have 20 minute presentations.
    30 minutes
  • Session(s). Choose at least one session. List all sessions for which you think your submission is appropriate. Note: the final decision on which sessions will run has not yet been made, and will depend in part upon the submissions received. The sessions are as follows:
    • Mobile
    • Society
    • Health
    • Education
    • Science
    • Security
    • Online Media
    • Next Wave Web Technologies
    • Ontologies and Semantic Web
    • XML technologies: XSLT2, XQuery etc.
  • Some other material. This can be:
    • Short description, e.g. one page for a lightening talk, two pages for anything else. (This is best)
    • Slides: e.g. one or two slides for a lightening talk, ten or twelve for a longer talk.
    • A demo. This should be submitted as screen shots, with a short description. It is also possible to give a URL for your code/demo. (Unless you already have this material available, you are discouraged from creating it for submission).
    This other material should be in any of the following formats:
    • plain text
    • PDF
    • PNG, GIF, JPEG
    • Powerpoint (not preferred)
    • Word (not preferred)
    If you have more than one file to submit, please create a zip archive. Send a single file, or the zip, as an attachment with your proposal. If the attachments are too large, send an URL to them instead.
  • Optionally a URL to your demo or code

The submissions deadline is March 19th (midnight in Hawaii).

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