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In www'zero'.org, you'll find a personal and friends'
sites from 1997 to 2006.

The site appears in english and greek,
depending on the browser settings.

If you want, write on the guest book.

fs at www0 dot org

Music sites (in english):

  • Epigram for the last straw (Fanzine on progressive metal music, outdated)

  • Encyclopedia of Experimental and Progressive Metal (EEEPM) (Database on progressive metal bands, outdated)

Gaming (in english):

  • Urban Terror Jumping Techniques Guide (for the 3.7 version of the quake3 mod `urban terror')
Literature (in greek):
  • Orange Juice (A greek book you can freely download)

Pages for Linux or other posix systems (in greek unless specified):

  • What is linux (outdated)
                    mini HOWTOs etc.:
      • Linux on a Toshiba Satellite M50-130 (in english)
      • Lyx and greek mini-HOWTO (outdated)
      • DIVX mini-HOWTO for Linux and *BSD (outdated)
      • Monkey Island 4 and other OpenGL games on Linux (outdated)

Entertainment (in greek)

  • Linux Warez! (outdated)
  • Netcafe (abandoned)