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Band's Name:  The Quiet Room
Contributor(s):  Dante (dvazquez@cmic.org)
Last Time Updated:  11-Mar-2000
Band's Country:  USA (Colorado)

Introspective (1997)
Reconceive (scheduled for april/2000)

State(Active or Disbanded):  Active
Biography:  From the Quiet Room's official homepage:

It was 1992 when The Quiet Room found its beginning through the visions of guitarists Jason Boudreau and George Glasco. Those visions, along with a great deal of strength and perseverance, have led The Quiet Room to what it is today: a powerful band with a dedication to songwriting and musicianship rarely witnessed in today's music scene. The band has undergone many changes over the years, but the addition of keyboards in 1995 and a new vocalist in 1997 have been the most significant to the band's sound. Guitarist Jason Boudreau says, "we've always tried to be diverse and current, those personnel changes increased our ability to do that." This is not to say that their recently acquired bassist Rob Munshower and drummer Graeme Wood haven't affected the band. "They've given us a heavier, more aggressive presence," says vocalist Pete Jewell. And guitarist George Glasco notes, "they've both had a big influence on our writing process."

The Quiet Room has been well known and respected in the progressive underground since their demo recording in 1995. However, it was after their full-length debut “Introspect” that the bands popularity began to grow. In November or 1997 The Quiet Room was invited to play at the first ever Powermad Festival in Baltimore, Maryland. By many accounts The Quiet Room stole the show and their performance was talked about for weeks following the festival. Their success at Powermad and the overwhelming response to “Introspect” sparked the interest of Metal Blade Records and the band has been on the rise ever since. A brief tour of the Midwest, East Coast and Canada in 1999 turned a few more heads and earned the band an article in Metal Edge Magazine where their music was described as "...a potent blend of modern heavy rock with melodic guitar work.... and a progressive approach to songwriting."

Now nearly eight years after it's inception The Quiet Room is releasing their second full-length album "Reconceive". An effort which offers a powerful blend of groove, heaviness, texture and a technical edge that promises to set a new standard in modern rock music. Keyboardist Jeff Janeczko describes the bands current state as being "well-grounded in our progressive roots, but moving toward a modern sound. This album really shows how we've grown and the different music that's influenced us over the years."

It has been a long time since the visions of those two guitarists created The Quiet Room, and it has proved to be a difficult and trying journey. Time and adversity are the two true tests of any artist’s dedication. The Quiet Room has passed those tests time and time again. The Quiet Room is and always will be, reaching for the next level

Opinion(s) on Band's Discography:  

By Dante:

The Quiet Room's first effort "introspective" could be called as a powerful and agressive version of fates warning, chad castor's vocal style sounds like a younger ray alder, the band sound is excelent progressive and powerful, great guitar work and a solid rhythm section where filled with the brilliant keyboard ambientation that creates a very different sound, an interesting songwriting style complete this great debut.

Present and Past Members:  George Glasco - Lead Guitar
Jeff Janeczko - Keyboards
Jason Boudreau - Lead Guitar
Graeme Wood - Drums
Pete Jewell - Vocals
Rob Munshower - Bass
Reference Bands:  
Links related to the Band:  www.TheQuietRoom.com

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