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Band's Name:  Sore Plexus
Contributor(s):  Michael Menegakis(mike@progmetal.net)
Last Time Updated:  7-Mar-2000
Band's Country:  Germany
Discography:  visual aGNosia(1997)
State(Active or Disbanded):  Active

From www.soreplexus.de:

Having successfully started in '97 with their debut MCD visual aGNosia, the Bochum band keeps the motto 'Complex power metal ... and beyond'. The combination of progressive elements and hard Power metal got excellent reviews from the music press world-wide. Not only have they won in Radio ARA, Lux., in the field of Best self-productions '97 and made a contribution to a sampler for C.R. Entertainment, they, additionally, had a feature on the German cult audio-fanzine Zephyr's odem. This was followed by numerous broadcasts as well as features and interviews in Germany and abroad.

In April '98, bassist Marcus Mller joined the line-up and SORE PLEXUS - among diverse festival gigs - performed their songs on a self-organized mini-tour all over Germany.

Apart from hard, modern Progressive Metal, the present production also contains other variations of the unmistakable sound of SORE PLEXUS. They use not only trumpet and sitar sounds, but also violins.

HaPTePHObiC with its accustomed hardness and explicit melodies offers an alternative to the keyboard-orientated Prog Sound of the nineties.

Opinion(s) on Band's Discography:  

By Michael Menegakis:

As far as I can say from Haptephobic, this is a Psychotic Waltz meets Watchtower meets Weather Report(!) band. Sore Plexus have perfectly combined the "lunacy" of the early Psychotic Waltz and the extremely technical paths of Watchtower, with *pure* Jazz. That was all filtered through their own experience in music, and the result is more than unique. The lyrics are rather personal but on the melodies on which they are based on, they sound as they've come from the madhouse. As an overall, I'd say the album is one of the best of it's kind. A must have. If bands as Spock's Beard are the future of "soft prog", Sore Plexus is the future of the hard stuff.

Present and Past Members:  Present Members:

Cassy - Vocals
Dirk Nowak - Guitars
Markus Muller
Dirk Podrasa

Reference Bands:  
Links related to the Band:  Official Site: http://www.soreplexus.de

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