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Band's Name:  Darkstar
Contributor(s):  Dan Rock(X1Darkstar@aol.com), John Vidiadakis (jvidias@coolmail.net), Penelope Vlachopoulou (firstcygnus@coolmail.net)
Last Time Updated:  7-Mar-2000
Band's Country:  USA

Marching Into Oblivion(1995), Heart Of Darkness(1999)

State(Active or Disbanded):  Active
Biography:  1996, Psychotic Waltz was once again on the road touring Europe, Dan (PW guitarist) and Siggi (Crash Museum techno freak) made regular visits to each others homes when abroad and continue their friendship to this day. Siggi approached with the concept of making an instrumental album, and Dan was more than eager to get it underway. . . With pre-production in his bedroom studio complete, Dan offered up his creations to the collective mass of sound sculptures that would eventually become "Darkstar". In Siggi's mini home studio they would collaborate on the concepts, sounds, and atmosphere of the album. . . After the second Psychotic Waltz tour of '96 is when the real recording actually got started. It was in an old World War 2 air-raid bunker in Frankfurt that Siggi had purchased and transformed into "Castle Of Lords Studio". The cd was released on the "Bleeding" tour of Psychotic Waltz, and well received by many of the fans. Now a few years later, after the breakup of Psychotic Waltz, Darkstar 2 is on the verge of being released.
Opinion(s) on Band's Discography:  

From Dan Rock:

Well, since I am Dan Rock, my point of view is a little bias. I think they are great cd's of course!!

Present and Past Members:  Dan Rock (guitars)
Martin Iordanidis (bass)
Oliver Verner (drums)
Siggy Blassey
Reference Bands:  Psychotic Waltz, End Amen, Tankard, Soulbrother, Crash Museum,
Links related to the Band:  www.psychoticwaltz.com

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