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Band's Name:  Threshold
Contributor(s):  Michael Menegakis (michael@progmetal.net)
Last Time Updated:  7-Mar-2000
Band's Country:  UK

Wounded Land
Extinct Instinct

State(Active or Disbanded):  Active
Biography:  Official bio:

On the edge of a little known continent lies a small, forgotten land. Although rich in culture, history and beauty, the land appears to have almost entirely forgotten itself. Although it has invented its two national sports, it's not actually very good at playing them and tends to get beaten rather badly whenever they try to play against anybody else. Although it has a national drink, it doesn't actually know how to grow it and only actually seems to enjoy it once it's been surrounded by chemically preserved paper and had all of the flavour spoiled by adding milk and sugar. And although it is home to some of the finest rock music ever created, it doesn't even seem to notice and prefers instead to listen to songs containing either (a) childishly stupid drum rhythms, (b) no chord changes whatsoever, or (c) nobody over the age of twelve, or increasingly more commonly, all three of the above. The continent which this country lies on the edge of is called Europe, and the country is called England. And although football, cricket and tea are still widely enjoyed by the people of England, albeit from the comfort of their armchairs while peering at televisions over sloppily large bellies rather than actually going outside and enjoying them properly, most of them are totally unaware of the wonderful music which is passing unnoticed from their shores to be sold and appreciated across the rest of the continent, and indeed the world. The music of Threshold, it would seem, falls rather typically into this category. For although the music is wonderfully composed, performed, recorded and produced by English musicians abundantly aware of the aforementioned riches of culture, history and beauty, it is almost entirely sold abroad. So in much the same way that a prophet is never accepted in his home town, it's true to say that a profit can't be made there either. Fortunately Threshold don't mind too much, and are more than happy to be appreciated by whoever chooses to appreciate them, travelling across the continent to perform to music lovers everywhere, and hoping, one day, to find a country outside of England that knows how to make a good cup of tea. Threshold are the foremost progressive metal band from the UK. They formed in Surrey, England in November 1988, and consisted of Karl Groom (guitar, ex Believer), Nick Midson (guitar), Jon Jeary (vocals, ex Runciple Fire Brigade), Tony Grinham (drums) and Ian Bennett (bass). After various line-up changes, Damian Wilson joined as vocalist with Jon assuming the role of bassist, and in the summer of 1992 Threshold signed to the UK independent label GEP Records to record Wounded Land. Richard West was brought in to add keyboards to the album, and the debut album Wounded Land was released early in 1993. A European tour followed, with vocalist Glynn Morgan replacing Damian who left to join unknown band Lasalle. The second CD Psychedelicatessen followed in 1994, with temporary drummer Nick Harradence replacing Tony who left after the tour. Nick had already performed with other members of Threshold in both Shadowland and Mercy Train, and stayed with the band until a permanent replacement was found in Jay Micciche. The band spent most of 1994 and 1995 touring Europe promoting the album, resulting in a promotional video for the song Innocent and a live mini-album Livedelica recorded before their last tour of the year with Dream Theater. 1996 was a time of unrest for the band, resulting in the departure of Glynn and Jay to form their own band Mindfeed. With the demise of Lasalle, Damian returned to Threshold with another drummer Mark Heaney, and the following year saw the release of the band's third studio album Extinct Instinct. A tour followed, with still another drummer Johanne James (ex Scrap Iron Scientists) filling in for Mark who was busy with prior commitments. The tour was a turbulent time for the band, and drove a wedge between the musicians and the vocalist, eventually resulting in Damian's second departure from the band just days before recording the vocals on the next album Clone. Mark was retained as drummer while Andrew "Mac" McDermott (ex Sargant Fury) was brought in to replace Damian, resulting in the release of Clone in 1998. Threshold took Clone out on the road across Europe in 1999 supported by Pain Of Salvation and Eldritch, with Johanne James officially replacing Mark Heaney as the band's drummer. A fan club CD of remixes and rarities called Decadent was released to coincide with the tour. With the band's lineup now firmly in place, the band plans to go back to the studio in 2000 to record a new album.

Opinion(s) on Band's Discography:  'Clone' review by Michael Menegakis:

Clone is my first experience in Threshold's music but I can easily say it's an album every friend of prog metal would love. The album starts with 'Freaks', a great song with a beatiful change somewhere in its middle. That change reminds me of doom metal music's atmosphere. That song is not the only with "odd" changes. We are talking for a rather unpredictable CD. Influences change from typical metal to prog metal (Theater,Fates) and neo-prog(Marillion,IQ etc). I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics but they seem quite personal and mellow some times(my favorite). Bands that came to my mind by listening Clone, are Psychotic Waltz(of the last two albums) ,Metallica and IQ. Well, Clone is an excellent album that everyone shouldn't miss.

Rating: 9/10

Present and Past Members:  

Andrew McDermott (vocals)
Karl Groom (guitar)
Jon Jeary (bass)
Nick Midson (guitar)
Richard West (keyboards)
Johanne James (drums)

Reference Bands:  
Links related to the Band:  http://www.progscape.com/threshold/

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