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Band's Name:  Angra
Contributor(s):  Menelaos Megariotis (mmegariotis@mail.com)
Last Time Updated:  27-Nov-1999
Band's Country:  Brazil
Discography:  Reaching Horizons (Demo)
Angels Cry
Evil Warning EP (japanese only)
Holy Land
Freedom Call EP
Holy Live
Live at FNAC EP
Fireworks - October 1998
State(Active or Disbanded):  Active

The goddess of fire

Angra, taking their name from the brazilian 'Goddess Of Fire', were formed in the summer of 1991, by Andre Matos, an already famous singer in Brazil, who had left his previous band "Viper" after two successful albums ("Soldiers of Sunrise" & "Theatre of Fate") due to creative differences. He just wanted to stay all alone, studying classical music. That was, of course, until he met a guitarist whose ideas of music were alike to his own. They started working together, and when Luis Mariutti the ex-Firebox bassist joined them they were almost ready! They only lack a name... And the most fitting name was the name of the Goddess of Fire...! The line-up was complete, when two ex-Spitfires, guitarist Rafael Bittencourt and drummer Marco Antunes joined the group. So, now the group was a five-piece, with all its five members musically educated and talented. The only thing left, was a demo, to make them known, and give them the chance to start their career...

Reaching Horizons

So, in the summer of 1992, one year after their birth, Angra record their first and only demo, poetically entitled 'Reaching Horizons'. The cover is a purple and white photo of the band near a melancholic sea, under a cloudy sky. The logo is in black and white, and this is the first time for it to be used. The tape contains six tracks recorded at Sao Paulo and becomes so successful that the band has no need of another one, as they sign for LMP. Angra are now ready to record their debut album, which will bring them worldwide success and recognition, but before this drummer Marco Antunes will leave the band and Ricardo Confesori will take his place. The new drummer is as gifted as the previous one and as we all know, this is the line-up which will lead angra to fame. Now the puzzle is finally completed and angra are ready to succeed all over the world...

Angels Cry

And then, suddenly, metal fans are hit by a hurricane from Brazil! Angra's debut album is a fact and it gets all grades as high as 9/10 and 4.5/5!!! This album consists of 10 songs including an intro (Unfinished Allegro) which is taken from Schubert's Unfinished Symphony No. 8 and an outro as the second part of the last song (Lasting Child). The producers are Sascha Paeth and Charlie Bauerfeind. The, sometimes poetic, lyrics basically talk about humanity, poverty and other problems that people can have. Though, it is not a concept album. But -concept or not- it surely is successful. It sells numerous copies everywhere and even tops the charts in Japan! Almost every critic is epic and talks about the album of the year. But the most important thing for Angra is not critics, but the recognition of the people. But is there any way of knowing if the guys that bought the album are satisfied?

And the brightest hope is... Yes, it is truth! Angra are No. 1 in the "Brightest Hope" category in almost every metal magazine worldwide! And not only this! Andre is repeatedly voted as best singer and songwriter, the song "Carry On" tops the list of the Best Songs and Rafael and Kiko are also voted among the greatest guitarists!!! Ricardo and Luis are also doing very well, in most magazines. They are voted among the best bass and drum players. Now angra are metal stars worldwide, and even reach levels of superstardom in Japan! Only there they sell more than 100.000 copies... So, they are included in the biggest bands! And this is proved when they play in front of 50.000 people in their homeland, at the 1995 Brazilian Monsters of Rock along with Sabbath, Kiss and other legends of heavy metal. But success doesn't stop here... Angra record a mini-cd (E.P.) only for their Japanese fans, who have supported them so much. It is called "Evil Warning" and contains 4 remixed tracks of "Angels Cry". Angra are also going very well in France, where they play an unplugged performance at FNAC. This unplugged will later be published as a bonus cd in the French edition of their next album which is going to be called...

Holy Land

...and is out in March 1996. It contains 10 tracks in the worldwide edition (the Japanese has a bonus track "Queen Of The Night") including an intro track. The concept of the album refers to the discovery of South America with some tracks talking about the sea and the time of the great discoveries with some innuendoes about the inhuman behavior of the white men against the Indians. The album is repeatedly voted at very high positions in magazines' charts and is regarded as a top of the year. And it is! And once again the listeners prove it! So, Angra tour in Europe, Japan and South America. And everywhere, there's the same situation. The concerts are going very well, since people have turned to Angra, as every magazine gave unexpectedly (?) high grades to the album. Grades such as 10/10 or 6/6. So, Angra tour the world once again! Needless to say, Angra are once again toping the polls in almost every metal magazine! Now, they are mentioned as "Phenomenon", "Super band" and such. Yet, angra can't tour so much for everyone to see them. So, the only thing they can do for this is to release...

Holy Live

This album contains six live tracks from the show in Paris, and sells many thousands of copies. Now everyone can listen to the "real" angra! Yet, since they are so creative once again, they put out a new EP, worldwide released this time, name "Freedom Call". It contains the remixed version of "Queen Of The Night" (the Japanese bonus track - remember?), an orchestral version of "Stand Away" (Angels Cry), the "Painkiller" cover from the tribute album to Judas Priest, the edited version of "Deep Blue", the acoustic version of "Reaching Horizons" and a new song ("Freedom Call"). Now, angra start to compose material for their third full-length album, entitled...


...which is released on September's 3rd & 4th 1998. The critics now are the best ever. Metal Hammer in Greece writes about the album: "One of the best albums of the decade... angra are becoming the new "Monsters of Metal"... contains so many different styles... What can somebody say about this fantastic band?... There are albums in the history of this music which set the bases for the future. Fireworks is one of them!...Fantastic vocals... 10/10". And Fireworks is the only album of the last two months to get a 10/10. This album takes angra to their Heavy roots, without lacking in melody of course. So, what else can we do? Waiting for angra to visit us, and longing for their forthcoming EP...

Taken from my site at http://listen.to/angra

Opinion(s) on Band's Discography:  

Raching Horizons:
Not much to say about this album, it is just the demo of the band. It is the only demo angra have ever released and the one that gave them the chance to sign. It contains 'Carry On', 'Queen Of The Night', 'Evil Warning', 'Reaching Horizons' and more.

Angels Cry:
Many say that Angels Cry is the best part of the band's discography. Personally I do not feel like that. Power metal with some symphonic moments (Stand Away) and Brazilian influences (Never Understand). The intro is taken directly from Schubert. A very good debut album!

Evil Warning EP:
Nothing special. Japanese only release, consists of the bonus tracks of the South America edition of Angels Cry. I've really been looking around for ages until I found it, paid a hell lot of money for it, but it just has value as a collectible.

Holy Land:
And here's the moment! This album, a combination of Proggresive, Power, Speed, Symphonic, Folk metal, Classical and Brazilian music. This fantastic album makes angra a world famous band. It starts with the dynamite track 'Nothing To Say', one of the favorites of the fans. It is about America's natives mass-killing by the white men. Next track is 'Silence and Distance', talking about sea and its mysteries (according to the band). The following track is the opus of the album 'Carolina IV', a song which starts from Brazilian folk music, gets to metal, then classical, symphonic music and back to power metal again! It is followed by the same named track and 'The Shaman' and then comes 'Make Believe', a fantastic power metal song, a tribute to '70s progressive rock'. Then the speed metal song 'ZITO' and two ballads 'Deep Blue' and 'Lullaby for Lucifer'. So, words mean nothing, if you don't have it, go buy it NOW!!!

Holy Live:
Just a live album, recorded at France. Contains six tracks, two of which are intros. Angra are my favorite band, but we have to admit that this album should really not be released so early. At least it could be longer!!!

Freedom Call EP:
Very good EP, it contains the fantastic same name track, the remix of 'Queen Of The Night' (only released in the Japanease version of Freedom Call and the demo), 'Reaching Horizons' (a ballad - really great!) the edit of 'Deep Blue', the orchestral version of 'Stand Away' and the cover of 'Painkiller' (originally by Judas Priest). Very good!

This third album of the band is the return to the metal roots of the band. Personally, I cannot even compare it to Holy Land. The whole album is great (except for Mystery Machine, which I hate!) and melody is not at all put aside, but... It lacks something.... Also note that the producer was Chris Tsangarides and a whole orchestra was taken at the famous Abbey Road studios for the recordings. Overall it's a fantastic album, as good as Angels Cry, but if you compare it to Holy Land...

Present and Past Members:  

Andre Matos (Vocals, Piano)

Kiko Loureiro (Guitars)

Ricardo Confessori (Drums, Percusion)

Luis Mariutti (Bass)

Rafael Bittencourt (Guitars)

Fabio Ribeiro (Live only -keyboards)

Marco Antunes (Drums)
Leck Filho (live only - Keyboards)

Reference Bands:  No, just too many guest appearances at Kavla (Brazilian Band, friends of Kiko) Time Machine many more
Links related to the Band:  http://www.angra.net (The reaching Horizons Homepage - Official)

http://listen.to/angra (The Goddess Of Fire Circle - My site)

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