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Band's Name:  Again Without Feeling
Contributor(s):  Josh Souza (deadonimpact@hotmail.com)
Last Time Updated:  27-Nov-1999
Band's Country:  New Bedford, Massachuessets, USA

They have a demo out as of now and they are recording in November 99 for their cd. They also might be doing a split 7".

State(Active or Disbanded):  Active
Biography:  How they got the name ~ The name again without feeling comes from a phrase that i used when i left my ex-wife. she was cheating on me, so i bailed, and on my way out the door she started apologizing and all that, and she said i would find somebody who was right for me (wish i had known that oh, 6 months earlier & saved myself the trouble!) i responded with something like... "sure, i'll just go through all this horror again, but this time i'll just remember to do it without feeling." she cried a lot, and it was over.

Jon Helme, and our friend Mike Chase and I (Chris Helme) started AWF (Again Without Feeling) after several bad attempts at other bands.

(Thats pretty much it if you want more goto their site at http://www.angelfire.com/ma/againwithoutfeeling

Opinion(s) on Band's Discography:  

They only have a demo out soon called "Maybe In Four Years" it has their old bass player Matt for their recordings. The quality isn't that great on the tape but it still gets the job done

In addition: I think this band is fuckin awsome I seriously think that these guys are on the verge of being signed. In their attempts to reserect metal around here is very hard but it takes a band like AWF to do so and they are fullfilling what they say. Anyways signed unsigned I will always show my love to them they are the best.

Present and Past Members:  Adam Benoit - Vocals
Mike Chase - Guitar/Vocals
Jon Helme - Guitar/Vocals
Adam Garcia - Bass
Chris Helme - Drums
Matt - ex Bass player (left on good terms)
Reference Bands:  
Links related to the Band:  http://www.angelfire.com/ma/againwithoutfeeling (thats their page)

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